ᐈ Tonight will be the best time to appreciate Comet SWAN

Comet SWAN is about to get as close to planet Earth as possible, and tonight is the ideal time to see it.

According to specialists, this Tuesday night will be the best time to appreciate the SWAN kite.

Comet C / 2020 F8 (SWAN) has increased its brightness dramatically in magnitude, making it bright enough to be seen with the naked eye in the dark and clear sky.

The star will make its closest approach to Earth and offer a show that drags a tail of 16 million kilometers and will be visible especially in the southern hemisphere.

It will be a unique opportunity for humanity, since the path of this comet generates that it does not return once it moves away from the solar system.

Unlike asteroids, comets are made up of ice, as well as rock and dust. This causes its material to evaporate as it gets closer to the Sun, which generates its gases to shine and end up in a queue behind the object.

The comet will approach just over half the distance from Earth to the Sun and can be seen without the need for telescopes or binoculars.

What time will Comet SWAN be seen?

From Argentina it will be visible throughout the morning, but the ideal time to appreciate it better will be between 5.30 and 6.30 a. m.

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