​Sleep paralysis, Omicron variant symptom

The symptoms caused by the Omicron variant seem less severe than those caused by the Delta variant, which is also very present in Reunion.

Omicron is more contagious than the others but it also has its own symptoms.
Fatigue, fever, headache and sore throat, sneezing, coughing… In addition to symptoms similar to those of the flu, there is diarrhea or night sweats. Cases of sleep paralysis have been listed in some positive cases in the UK.

Sleep paralysis

This phenomenon occurs on waking and causes the feeling of not being able to move or cry. The person is aware of his surroundings, but the body is immobile. The muscles are still asleep and the brain already awake, hence the impression of being paralyzed.

It can be anxiety-provoking but remains benign. The episode of sleep paralysis is of short duration and is a common disorder that occurs during the phase of REM sleep.

The sleep paralysis reported by many UK Omicron variant carriers may be linked to stress and anxiety in the context of the pandemic.

In case of symptoms

In the event of symptoms of Covid-19, even weak, the authorities remind you that you must contact your doctor. He will ask you to carry out an antigen test (if the symptoms appeared less than 4 days ago) or will order an RT-PCR test.

The RT-PCR test should be performed as quickly as possible in the nearest specialized laboratory. It is covered 100% by Health Insurance on prescription from the doctor. It is also free for vaccinated people and minors, without prior prescription.

To take the test or while waiting for the results, it is important to isolate yourself so as not to transmit the virus.