▷ Mission of Freelance an Obstetrician Gynecologist at the Private Hospital of Ambérieu 01 Ambérieu-en-Bugey (01) – Recruitment by Profession Doctor

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We are looking for an obstetrician gynecologist or a gynecologist surgeon!!!
You join a team of 4 obstetrician-gynecologist practitioners, 1 service manager, 12 midwives and 10 childcare assistants.

The Private Hospital of Ambérieu (HPA) belongs to ELSAN which holds 137
establishments spread throughout France.

At the heart of a region in full demographic and economic expansion, the Hospital
Privé d’Ambérieu is located 30 minutes from Lyon and 30 minutes from the airport
International Saint Exupery.

Multidisciplinary establishment with 117 beds and places, the Private Hospital of Ambérieu
and its 220 employees offer a range of care consisting of:

A level 1 maternity and obstetrics unit with 15 beds (more than 700
births per year).

An operating block spread over 7 rooms, including an endoscopic room,
an outpatient treatment room, and a room exclusively dedicated to caesareans.

A continuous monitoring unit.

An independent imaging center with an MRI, scanner and equipment
performance in radiology, ultrasound and mammography.

An emergency service, made up of a medical and paramedical team
specialist, caring for more than 22,000 patients per year. having
a SMUR (Regional Emergency Medical Service) branch providing
from the center 15 a medical ambulance providing first aid
and transporting patients to HPA.

Multidisciplinary surgical activities (orthopedics, visceral,
urology, ENT, gastro, ophthalmology, stomatology, aesthetics, etc.).

From a medical service.

A home hospitalization service.

In terms of beds and
places the Private Hospital of Ambérieu has:
15 maternity beds, 3 equipped delivery rooms
of PCA, 2 preparation rooms + 1 physiological delivery room (known as
40 surgery beds
26 medical beds
6 Continuous Monitoring beds
22 outpatient beds
8 Short-Term Hospitalization Unit beds

The private hospital of Ambérieu is in full expansion, with
the arrival of new practitioners since 2015: more than 20 new
doctors in 3 years.

Note that the HPA holds one of only two
SMUR authorizations in a private establishment in France and therefore participates
fully in public service. The emergency department is growing by
+10% per year.

The HPA is a local establishment, the CH de Bourg
in Bresse is more than 40 minutes away, as are the Lyon establishments

It should be noted that the department is experiencing strong demographic growth.

We invite you to discover our department at
through this presentation video https://youtu.BE/AeYJh8WHTkU
Consult our websites:
The establishment of
level I, is part of the Aurore perinatal network.

figures :
727 deliveries in 2019
3 delivery rooms
1 nature room
1 caesarean section in the operating room
1 room dedicated to pediatric resuscitation at the
within the obstetric block
1 anesthesiologist on call 24 hours a day
1 obstetrician-gynecologist on call 24 hours a day

motherhood in
Episiotomy rate in 2019: 11% (average
national at 20%)
Rate of oxytocin use on a job
Spontaneous: 10% (National average at 44%)
Trigger Rate: 15% (Average
nationale 22%)
Instrumental extraction rate: 14%
(national average 32.6%)
Breastfeeding rate after maternity leave
at 69% (national average 68%)
Neonate transfer rate 3.3% or 22

Liberal practice:
Maternity fees – collected by
establishment and transferred each month (royalty rate: 6% before tax
royalty fee)
Consulting fees – collected
directly by the doctor (no fee)

The permanence of the care is remunerated by the CPAM

The consultation rooms are within the establishment:
Obstetrician Gynecologist Pole on the 1st
floor of the Hospital: consultation office, secretary’s office, and
waiting room on the same level as the obstetric block, caesarean section and
maternity ward

Assets :
Immediate clientele assured
Very important business potential

We can offer you
ease of installation in
terms of guaranteed minimum income, rent exemption, provision of a
secretary, moving assistance, support with administrative procedures…
For more information, please contact **.**.**.**.*- or by email: ****@****.**
Holder of a DES in Gynecology-Obstetrics
Registered with the Order of Doctors, ACCA or CCA.
Internal with replacement license
Sector 1 or 2