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The Mönchengladbach police share a press release from the main customs office in Krefeld:

On Friday, July 16, 2021, the financial control of undeclared work of the customs checked the employment relationships in the forwarding, transport and related logistics industry nationwide.

The Krefeld customs also took part in the nationwide operation with 29 employees, in which the Hilden motorway police, the Mönchengladbach police headquarters, the Düsseldorf district government and the Federal Office for Goods Transport were involved with a further twelve in the control area of ​​the Krefeld main customs office.

104 people were asked to provide customs with detailed information on their employment relationships. In particular, the financial control of undeclared work controls compliance with the general minimum wage according to the Minimum Wage Act in the amount of 9.60 euros / hour (the general minimum wage increased to 9.60 euros / hour on July 1, 2021), compliance with social security obligations, the illegal receipt of Social benefits as well as illegal employment of foreigners.

In the past, so-called “bogus self-employed” were often encountered during examinations in the freight forwarding, transport and associated logistics industries. For example, drivers indicate that they are self-employed. In fact, however, there is dependent employment. Through this constellation, clients often not only save the social security contributions to be paid, but also avoid the minimum wage.

In addition, increasing attempts are being made to disguise black wage payments with cover bills or to use forged proof of identity in order to pretend a nationality with which a permit-free employment is possible. Not only the “moving personnel” are affected, but also the personnel involved in goods handling and warehouse management.

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According to the control findings, the business documents of 69 companies are now being checked.

In the area of ​​the main customs office in Krefeld, the on-site inspections revealed the following abnormalities:

   - In neun Fällen der Verdacht auf Beitragshinterziehung
   - In vier Fällen der Verdacht auf Leistungsmissbrauch
   - In einem Fall der Verdacht auf Scheinselbständigkeit
   - In sechs Fällen der Verdacht auf Verstoß gegen die 
   - In fünf Fällen der Verdacht auf Mindestlohnunterschreitung
   - In einem Fall der Verdacht auf Verstoß gegen illegale 

In six cases, customs in Krefeld will initiate administrative offense proceedings. The other exams are still ongoing.

The cooperation authorities found the following abnormalities:

   - Elf Strafanzeigen sowie zwei Ordnungswidrigkeitenverfahren 
     aufgrund von Verstößen gegen das Fahrpersonalgesetz
   - Fünf Verstöße aufgrund von Überladung und mangelhafter 
   - Drei Verstöße nach der Betriebssicherheitsverordnung
   - Zwei Verstöße gegen die Gefahrgutvorschriften
   - Einen Verstoß gegen Karbotagevorschriften
   - In einem Fall bestand der Verdacht des Fahrens unter 

Extra information:

The financial control of undeclared work of the customs administration regularly carries out national as well as regional focus audits throughout the year with an increased use of personnel in order to maintain the special preventive character of a high number of audits in certain industries. This is an important instrument for reducing social acceptance of undeclared work and illegal employment.

Link to the press release: https://www.presseportal.de/blaulicht/pm/121252/4973756?utm_source=directmail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=push

Please contact:

Main customs office Krefeld

Press spokesman Rainer Wanzke Telephone: 02151-85010600 E-Mail: [email protected] www.zoll.de


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