▷ POL-PPRP: dispute in pharmacy

01.09.2021 – 10:03

Police Headquarters Rheinpfalz

Ludwigshafen (ots)

In a pharmacy in Hohenzollernstrasse there was a dispute with a 40-year-old customer on August 31, 2021, around 8 a.m. He wanted to receive a digital vaccination certificate. However, since there were inconsistencies in his documents, he was referred to the vaccination center. This was followed by a loud verbal discussion, which the 45-year-old pharmacy owner finally tried to stop by asking the customer to leave. Furthermore, the 40-year-old bumped the owner against the chest so that it fell into a display shelf. He was not injured and there was no damage to the goods.

The customer could be found a short time later in Industriestrasse. He said that he only wanted to push the 45-year-old away because he ran up to him.

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