▷ #VIDEOS #PHOTOS Tornado in Margarita left material damage # 26Sep

a tornado on daisy It surprised the inhabitants of at least three sectors of the island last Saturday afternoon. The meteorological phenomenon affected about 20 homes and took several roofs with it.

Through social networks, the locals shared videos of the natural event and later photographs of the damage caused in various areas of the Nueva Esparta state.

Sectors such as El Espinal, Dátil, and La Encrucijada are among those affected, where you can see houses without a roof, other structures with only part of their roofs, cables on the ground and other damage.

About him daisy tornado, the meteorologist Luis Vargas, confirmed that it was a tornado and regretted the effects that it left on several homes.

“In the improved Fujita scale that goes from EFU to EF5 we could be talking about an EF0 (105-137 km / h) or even an EF1 (138-178 km / h)”, he expressed through his twitter account where he shares constantly weather information.

In the accounts of National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (INAMEH) No information.

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