▷Kirby fans love that the Crystal Shards re-release trailer is promoted with blood and violence ✔️ gamebizz.de

Kirby fans are laughing at the fact that the Switch reboot of Kirby and the Crystal Shards was rated a “T for Teens” due to the blood and violence.

One of the things that the Kirby community loves most about the series is its tendency to be cute and cuddly for most of the game, only to suddenly incorporate an Eldritic monster as the final boss, as seen in some of the darker Final Fantasy games would not be out of place. The series is well known for this now, but it’s interesting to look back at older games in the series and see how they would be perceived today.

That’s exactly what Nintendo seems to have to do with the Switch Online reboot of Kirby and the Crystal Shards, aka Kirby 64. The studio released a trailer for the game on Twitter, beginning with a PEGI rating stating the game was rated a “T for Teens” due to “blood” and “violence.”

The Kirby community was immediately upset that in 2022 the game appeared to be rated higher than the “E for Everyone” it received when it was originally released. Most blame the end boss Zero 2, a giant eyeball that looks like it will bleed and will explode if you hit it.

In reality, this is because the rating applies to the Nintendo Switch Online service as a whole, not specifically to Kirby and the Crystal Shards. For example, if Conker’s Bad Fur Day were ever added to the service, every other trailer for it would have to be rated an adult M.

But that hasn’t stopped the Kirby community to draw fan art, making memes and debating whether a Kirby game could ever get that rating. That’s not all that far from the truth either, as Zero 2 actually looks like it will bleed if you hit it, and there’s certainly a lot of violence in Kirby games. Just look at The Forgotten Land’s Fear Rating from earlier this year to see what can happen.