【Billiards】British Open is very cold!Ausu Liyun loses the “nemesis” again, Wu Anyi will appear tonight

(Photo: World Snooker Tour)

[Sports Road News]The British Open Billiards opened on Monday (26th) and it was a big upset! The world number one “Rocket” Ronnie O’Sullivan continued to be in a sluggish state. He lost 1:4 to 26-year-old Swiss player Alexander Ursenbacher in the qualifying round and missed the main match. This is the third time Usimbazhuo has shot down “Rocket” in the ranking competition, and has become the “super nemesis” of the seven-time world champion!

O’Sullivan withdrew from the European Masters due to an arm injury earlier, until his return to the World Mixed Doubles Invitational last week, but he was obviously out of shape, and eventually stopped in the group stage with his partner Reanne Evans and missed the championship. “Rocket” moved to the British Open yesterday and faced Usimbazhuo, ranked 63 in the world, in the qualifying round. The latter was encouraged by his mother and played well again, with a rate of 1:4 (104:7, 80:22, 22 : 63, 60: 23, 70: 24) upset Osullivan and entered the race. He also defeated the Rockets for the third time after Wales in 2019 and All England in 2020.

Usimbajo (Photo: World Snooker Tour)Usimbajo (Photo: World Snooker Tour)

Usimbajo (Photo: World Snooker Tour)

Usimbajo said after the game: “Because of my mother’s work schedule, I never thought that she would come to watch the game. I was surprised and happy to see her this morning. I was very nervous all day, no Eating too much, she is a great mother, but it did put a little bit of pressure on me to be there to watch because I wanted to make her proud of me.” Usimbajo continued: “Playing against the best player in the world, that is The easiest way to motivate yourself, I don’t know if anyone else doesn’t want to face Ossuriyun, but I just want to give it my all, that’s the ultimate test, I’m always 100% in the game.” For Usimbazhuo, who just lost his cat in April, it will undoubtedly bring a little comfort. As for O’Sullivan, after his defeat, he plans to come to Hong Kong next week to participate in the “Hong Kong World Pool Masters” held in the Red Pavilion.

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On the other hand, Hong Kong’s “Four-eyed Cue Queen” Wu Anyi will appear in the main match of the British Open at 8 o’clock Hong Kong time tonight, playing against Northern Ireland player Jordan Brown and entering the top 32. (Live broadcast by now637). She beat former world champion Ken Doherty in the final round of the qualifying round last month to advance to the main draw.

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