【Yahoo x Sports World NBA Watch Party】Saturday 10:00am Grizzlies Miracle Legion is out again and the Warriors are looking for a turnaround at home

The Grizzlies Miracle Legion is out again, and the Warriors seek to turn over at home

The West Coast playoff semi-finals between the Warriors and the Grizzlies came to Game 6 this weekend. The Grizzlies, who had no way out, played in the absence of the chief star Ja Morant, and smashed the Warriors with a team battle, and the total number of games was smashed. Chase 2 to 3 to ensure the chance to advance. However, the Grizzlies’ visit to the Chase Center, the home of the Warriors, is indeed questionable, and the Warriors’ acting coach Mike Brown’s on-the-spot transfer while coach Steve Kerr is still in quarantine due to the infection Whether the situation can be reversed is of concern.

【Yahoo x Titong World NBA Viewing Party】Trailer! Saturday 10:00am West Coast Semifinals Game 6 – Grizzlies Vs Warriors


Warriors interim coach Mick Brown’s mobility will be tested.

The Warriors returned from a 39-point loss in Game 5, and once trailed by as much as 55 points in the game. One of the fatal problems was that they recorded 22 turnovers in total, bringing the Grizzlies as many as 29 points. Looking through the data, the Warriors recorded an average of 18 turnovers per game in this round of the series against the Grizzlies, which must be too many for a team that aims to compete for the championship. Although this has to be praised for the excellent defense of the Grizzlies under the leadership of coach Taylor Jenkins, the lack of concentration of the Warriors players is the more fatal weakness, which must be solved in this game.


Grizzlies center Adams (center)’s rebounding ability is a big plus.

On the other hand, what made the Warriors suddenly lose their advantage was the absence of Grizzlies chief star Morant. “Brother Slag” could only cheer on the backup seat due to a knee injury, but as the saying goes, “Three Stooges, better than Zhuge Liang”, after the Grizzlies lost their chief star, the scoring points exploded, including point guard Tai on the top. Tyus Jones, shooting guard Desmond Bane and power forward Jaren Jackson Jr. each scored 21 points, and the Reserves also contributed 52 points, making the Warriors There will be even bigger problems in defense, and it is impossible to guard against it. In particular, under the continued absence of coach Karl and the failure of interim coach Mick Brown to mobilize in a timely manner, it will become a major concern. You must know that the Grizzlies’ record in the absence of Morant this season has been rewritten to 20 wins and 5 losses, and the winning rate is as high as 80%. Today’s Grizzlies seem to be more difficult to deal with.


“Scumbag” Morant “performed” actively in the reserve seat.

Of course, the Warriors have always been proud of their powerful offensive power. If the “Sina Flower Three Brothers” including Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole can break out in time, Will definitely dominate the victory. Before Game 3, the Warriors recorded a 30-point gap with more than 60% shooting rate, which is exactly the case. What deserves optimism for the Warriors is that the main players of the Warriors have all played less than 25 minutes in Game 5, and they will have enough physical strength to finish the Grizzlies in this game, but the Grizzlies coach Zanjianz’s trap defense tactics focus on defense. On “Curry Boy” and “K Soup”, it was a wise and successful move to give more space to other members of the Warriors for shooting. Can we replicate the miracle in this game and win another game to bring the game to the end of Game 7? War, we have to wait and see.


Warriors star Chili Tomson (left) needs to improve.