[경제]Exchange rate exceeded 1,300 won for the first time in 13 years… International students and Koreans ‘scream’ everywhere

As the won-dollar exchange rate fluctuates around 1,300 won, the burden on international students is increasing.

Even before the end of Corona 19, local residents are also experiencing the hardship of living due to the high prices and the high exchange rate.

Reporter Hae-ri Yoon.

Do-yeon Kim, who has been running a Korean guest house in Interlaken, Switzerland for 10 years, has recently been deeply concerned about whether to change her business.

I thought that Corona 19 would be quiet, but now the exchange rate is so high that reservations for travelers are cut off even before the summer peak season.

[김도연 / 스위스 한인 민박 운영 교민 : 코로나19 방역 규제가 풀려서 여행객들이 올 거라고 기대했는데, 전쟁이 나서 기름값도 오르고 환율도 오르고…. ]

Local prices are also rising steeply, and if the current situation where the exchange rate soars is prolonged, it is dark over how much more we can do business in the future.

[김도연 / 스위스 한인 민박 운영 교민 : 이렇게 어려움이 계속되다 보면, 더는 버틸 수가 없어서 문을 닫아야 하는 상황까지 올 수 있겠죠.]

Min-Woo Park, who has been studying abroad in Shanghai for 9 years, has also reduced the cost of living right away.

In order to reduce the cost of eating out, the number of days of shopping and cooking by myself has increased.

[박민우 / 중국 유학생 : 유학생이다 보니 부모님께 용돈 받아서 생활하는데 환율이 오르다 보니 쓸 수 있는 돈이 줄어서 아쉬워요.]

The same is true for other international students.

[김예인 / 미국 유학생 : 사실 환율이 1,300원까지 올라갈 줄은 정말 몰랐고요. (용돈으로) 백만 원을 받으면 900달러 선이었던 게 700달러 선으로 내려가서…. 집을 좀 더 저렴한 곳으로 옮겼어요.]

The burden of tuition fees for parents has also increased.

The average annual tuition at a four-year university in the US is around 50 million won, but the amount to be paid has increased by more than 5 million won.

There is no other way than to wait for the exchange rate to drop and choose a ‘split payment’.

[이동욱 / 바른유학원 유학 수속팀 팀장 : 최근에는 학비를 나눠 내는 분들도 많아졌고, 해외 송금이 아닌 신용카드 할부 등 카드 결제 방식으로 학비 납부가 가능한지 물어보시는 분들도 많아졌습니다.]

For the first time in 13 years since the global financial crisis in 2009, the exchange rate broke through the KRW 1,300 mark.

In the era of high inflation and high exchange rates, which is expected to continue for a while, individual worries are also deepening.

This is YTN Haeri Yoon.

YTN Haeri Yoon ([email protected])

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