[경제]The government announces additional support for charter fraud…”The government must pay it off first”

When the damage tenants who did not get their deposit back made an extreme choice by criticizing the government’s measures, the government came up with an additional support plan.

It contained contents such as expanding emergency housing options, and the damaged tenants argued that the government should introduce a method of paying back the deposit first and claiming the right to reimbursement.

This is reporter Choi Ki-seong.

At the end of last month, tenant A, who was unable to return the deposit of 70 million won on the jeonse, died leaving a note saying, “The government’s measures are disappointing.”

Afterwards, victims’ groups and civic groups commemorated Mr. A and began to denounce the government’s responsibility.

[정부가 책임져라. 책임져라. 책임져라. 책임져라.]

In response, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport held a meeting with the affected tenants and collected their opinions to come up with additional measures.

It was also decided to introduce a method of paying monthly rent without prepayment for ’emergency support housing’, which had to be paid six months in advance.

Even if it exceeds the area of ​​the existing house, it is possible to move in if it is of a similar size.

Even if the auction process is in progress, if the damage is certain, a conditional confirmation will be issued in advance.

Increase the validity period from 3 months to 6 months.

We will change the system so that even if you become a single homeowner after inevitably winning a bid for a residential house through an auction or public sale, you can use preferential benefits for the first time in your life, such as lowering the loan interest rate.

We also support up to three psychological counseling programs per person for damaged tenants suffering from mental distress.

[이장원 / 국토교통부 주택임차인보호과장 : 기존에 발표했던 대책들을 운영하면서 손톱 밑 가시 같았던 불편한 점들을 개선하는 방안이라고 이해하시면 되겠습니다.]

Damaged tenants evaluate this measure as a late but meaningful measure, but point out that there are many shortcomings.

It is said that the government should first introduce a plan to purchase deposit bonds or damaged houses.

[안상미 / 미추홀구 전세 사기 피해대책위원회 위원장 : 정부는 이거를 재난으로 인정하고 적극적으로 대처해야 된다고 생각합니다. 보증금 채권 매입이나 피해 주택 매입 정책 살펴주시기 바랍니다.]

The amount of charter guarantee accidents that occurred in 2021 was 570 billion won, but last year it increased to 1 trillion won.

This is Choi Ki-seong from YTN.

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