[경제]Traffic accident warning on thin ice in winter…’concentrate’ in the morning time zone

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In the cold winter like these days, there are dizzying moments while driving.

It is a day when there is a lot of snow or there is thin ice on the ground.

Traffic accidents occur much more than usual, and they appear to be concentrated especially in the morning, so drivers need to be careful.

Reporter Kang Hee-kyung reports.

A vehicle driving through an apartment complex at very slow speeds.

After crashing into a motorbike stopped on the road, it rushes toward the sidewalk at higher speed.

Even after seeing cars stopped in a row on the road, they couldn’t slow down on the icy road, so they collided with the car in front.

All accidents occurred on days when it was snowing or the roads were icy in cold weather.

Like this, many dangerous moments occur while driving in winter.

Over the past three years, traffic accidents on snowy winter days have been 17.6% more than usual.

The amount of traffic accident handling damage, which indicates the severity of the accident, also occurred on an average of nearly 7 billion won a day more than on days without snow.

Roads with ice like this after it snows are more dangerous.

In fact, it was found that 3 out of 10 slippery traffic accidents in winter occurred on icy roads.

Visible ice is also a problem, but thin ice that looks just like a road at first glance, so-called ‘black ice’, should be especially careful.

This is because it is difficult to control the vehicle due to sudden skidding, and it is highly likely to lead to a chain accident.

A recent example is the Guripocheon Expressway accident in Gyeonggi Province, where 47 vehicles collided one after another, killing one and injuring 30 others.

[김기복 / 시민교통안전협회장 : 블랙아이스 구간은 운전자가 일반적으로 도로 표면 상태만 봐서 결빙 상태인지 아닌지를 구분하거나 판단하기가 상당히 어렵다는 취약한 문제가 있습니다.]

Winter slippery traffic accidents are concentrated in the morning hours, and the proportion of accidents that occurred between 7:00 am and 10:00 am reached 31.8% over the past three years.

This is a time when drivers need to be especially vigilant.

When driving on snowy or icy roads, reduce the speed by 20 to 50% from the speed limit and ensure sufficient distance between vehicles.

Abrupt braking is prohibited.

It is necessary to cut the brakes short or use the engine brake to decelerate and brake, and it is recommended to install snow tires on all four wheels.

[이성렬 / 삼성화재 교통안전문화연구소 수석연구원 : 동절기 차량 안전에서 중요한 게 스노타이어랑 체인입니다. 스노타이어는 2개 바퀴만 장착해서는 실제 효과를 볼 수 없습니다. 4바퀴를 모두 장착해야 하고요.]

It is also important to remember that sliding accidents have a high risk of secondary accidents, so if an accident occurs, you must evacuate off the road.

This is Kang Hee-kyung of YTN.

YTN Kang Hee-kyung ([email protected])

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