[국제]A ‘floating’ earth and a collapsing ‘iceberg’

The global village has had the hottest summer of any year in the midst of war and energy crisis this year.

The ‘iceberg’ melted due to the unusually high temperature, and as droughts, floods, and forest fires add to this, ’emergency lights’ are lit all over the world to inform the crisis of the earth.

Correspondent Lee Seung-hoon reports.

Last month, in Nigeria, west of Africa, everything was locked.

It’s the worst flooding in 10 years.

On the other side of the east, Kenya, everything has dried up.

It’s been 3 years and it hasn’t rained properly.

The hottest city in the world this summer is in Pakistan.

The average temperature for a month in June is 48 degrees Celsius… . There were many days when it was over 50 degrees.

However, this place is quite far from the ‘equator’, which is often the hottest place on Earth.

Scientists have identified the cause of these ‘weather events’.

They say it’s because of the heat emitted by factories and cars.

[헬렌 그리피스 / 영국 레딩대학교 교수 : 기상 이변은 지구 온난화 때문입니다. 뜨거운 인도양의 바닷물 증발이 세계를 데우고 공기를 데우고 집중적으로 엄청난 양의 비를 뿌리고 있습니다.]

For a country suffering from the ‘climate crisis’,

Few countries have modest factories or thermal power plants.

So, the main culprit of ‘global warming’ is developed countries.

The damage is borne by the poor countries.

Now even the icebergs in the Arctic are collapsing,

The sea water is rising higher than ever seen on Earth.

The wind submerged the entire country in several countries,

The ‘crisis of disappearing even existence’ has arrived.

To solve this problem, the leaders of the world’s major countries will soon gather in Egypt, Africa.

There is a reason why everyone in the global village should watch with interest.

This is YTN Lee Seung-hoon.

YTN Lee Seung-hoon ([email protected])

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