[국제]Biden, the first US president in his 80s… Challenge the next presidential election?

President Joe Biden celebrated his 80th birthday last Sunday, becoming the first US president in his 80s.

While attention is focused on whether he will run for the presidential election again two years later despite his advanced age, attention is focused on how the Democratic Party leadership’s generational change will affect President Biden’s re-challenge.

This is reporter Lee Dong-heon’s report.

President Biden, who celebrated his 80th birthday on the 20th, jokes that he is in his 50s to reporters asking about his health.

[조 바이든 / 미국 대통령 : 몸이 아주 좋습니다. 그리고 나의 58번째 생일잔치가 기대됩니다.]

President Biden, who entered his 80s as the oldest president in American history, is still showing off his old age.

[제이 올센스키 / UIC 공중보건 교수 : 공개된 의료 기록을 검토한 결과 바이든 대통령이 슈퍼 노인들의 많은 특징을 갖고 있는 것으로 나타났습니다.]

However, it is also true that the slow pace and bent back are giving voters doubts about their ability to perform their duties.

In a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press, 58% of respondents said that President Biden lacks the mental capacity to efficiently carry out his duties.

[칼 질슨 / SMU 정치학 교수 : 바이든 대통령의 나이 든 모습은 사람들에게 그가 정신적, 육체적으로 쇠약해지고 있는 것은 아닌지 질문을 던집니다.]

While interest is focused on whether he will run for the presidential election again two years later following former President Trump, who is 76 years old, President Biden is postponing his decision to announce early next year.

People around me say I will run, but the low approval rating of 40% is becoming a stumbling block.

In addition, the desire for a generational change in the leadership of the US Democratic Party after the midterm elections is also expected to affect the candidacy.

All leadership in their 80s, including 82-year-old House Speaker Pelosi, will step down, and newcomers in their 50s will fill the position.

Is it an honor or a new wind?

The topic that comes to mind during elections is being repeated in the next US presidential election.

This is YTN Lee Dong-heon.

YTN Dongheon Lee ([email protected])

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