[국제]EU “Prepare for 9th sanctions against Russia”…Russia “Serious consequences of crude oil price cap”

The European Union (EU) has announced that it is preparing a ninth round of sanctions against Russia amid massive Russian air strikes on Ukraine’s energy facilities.

Russia has warned of serious consequences if the EU introduces price caps on its crude oil.

Reporter Lee Dong-heon reports.

This is a recent satellite image of Ukraine at night.

Unlike other countries where the city lights are bright, Ukraine is a place of darkness.

This is because Russia’s continued airstrikes targeting Ukrainian energy facilities have disrupted power supply.

The European Union (EU) strongly condemns Russia’s attack on civilian infrastructure as a barbaric terrorism and war crime that has left Ukrainians surviving this winter without power, and said it is preparing additional sanctions.

[우르졸라 폰데어라이엔 / EU 집행위원장 : 러시아의 전쟁 수행 능력을 약화하는 데 주력하고 있습니다. 9차 제재안 마련에 최대한 속력을 내고 있음을 밝힙니다.]

In addition, although there are still internal disagreements regarding the price ceiling for Russian crude oil, which is included in the 8th sanctions bill and will be implemented from the 5th of next month, he said that he is confident in approving the price ceiling.

Russia has warned that price caps on domestic crude oil could have dire consequences for global energy markets.

[드미트리 페스코프 / 크렘린궁 대변인 : 원유가 상한제에 참여하는 국가에 원유와 가스를 공급하지 않겠다는 푸틴 대통령의 입장은 유효합니다.]

It also reiterated its claim that it only attacked targets directly or indirectly related to the capabilities of the Ukrainian military, and never attacked civilians or related facilities.

Still, it hinted that the attack was intended to create a favorable environment for Ukraine, saying it had every chance of ending its people’s suffering if it met its demands.

This is YTN Lee Dong-heon.

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