[국제]Europe in an arms race in the ‘Ukraine War’

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President Macron Visits the Air Base and Declares Defense Strengthening
Germany to increase defense spending above 2% of GDP immediately after war in Ukraine
Britain promised to increase defense spending to 2.5% of GDP in June last year
NATO to increase defense budget to at least 2% of GDP by next year

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As the war in Ukraine continues for nearly a year, European countries are stepping up to strengthen their defense capabilities, such as increasing military spending.

NATO member states are planning to increase their defense budget to at least 2% of GDP by next year.

Reporter Kim Sang-woo is on the sidewalk.

After the French president visited the air base and inspected it, he declared the strengthening of national defense.

It announced that it would increase the defense budget to 400 billion euros, or about 553 trillion won, a 36% increase over the next seven years by 2030.

It aims to transform the military by modernizing nuclear weapons and developing remotely controlled weapons such as drones.

[에마뉘엘 마크롱 / 프랑스 대통령 : 전체적으로 이번 국방비 지출법은 우리 군의 예산을 두 배로 늘릴 것입니다.]

The rise in military spending is not unique to France.

As soon as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began last year, Germany injected an additional 100 billion euros, or about 134 trillion won, into the military, and announced that it would increase defense spending to more than 2% of GDP.

So is Britain.

In June of last year, then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he would increase the defense budget to 2.5% of GDP.

Sweden and Finland also announced a significant increase in the military budget while pushing to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, and NATO members plan to increase the defense budget to at least 2% of GDP by next year.

Russia, which has encouraged European countries to increase their military expenditures, is accelerating their military expenditures in order to continue the war with Ukraine.

The defense force was strengthened by increasing the number of combat soldiers from 1.15 million to 1.5 million.

[세르게이 쇼이구 / 러시아 국방장관 : 무기와 병력, 특수장비 인도 등의 모든 조치가 러시아 군의 구성과 전력 증강을 위한 종합 계획에 맞게 이뤄져야 합니다.]

Poland and other countries have taken the lead in raising NATO’s defense budget, and European countries that have enjoyed peace within the framework of maintaining the status quo for decades after the end of the Cold War are starting an arms race.

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