[국제]Following the US, the UK also bans the use of Chinese-made CCTVs by government agencies

Following the US, Britain has also banned the use of Chinese-made closed-circuit TVs in key government security facilities, citing national security concerns.

In 2019, the United States banned the procurement of Chinese-made CCTV by government agencies through the National Defense Authorization Act.

Reporter Kim Won-bae reports.

The British government has issued guidelines to each ministry prohibiting the installation of CCTV cameras produced by companies subject to China’s National Intelligence Act in buildings where sensitive information may be leaked.

In the case of previously introduced equipment, a recommendation was also included to consider isolating it from the internal computer network and completely removing it in the future.

Chinese companies are required to cooperate with government demands under the National Intelligence Law, which came into effect in 2017.

Because of this, security concerns have been raised in the West that Chinese companies can put devices in their equipment to secretly steal information and activate them.

Oliver Dowden, head of the Office for Government Policy Coordination, said in a letter to the House of Commons, “The decision was made after considering the current and future risks associated with the installation of video surveillance equipment on government facilities.”

This is in response to a request from the British House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee to ban the sale and use of CCTVs manufactured by Hikvision and Dahua Technologies, which have shares in the Chinese government, for reasons such as personal information leakage and human rights violation concerns. .

The United States banned the procurement of products from surveillance camera manufacturers such as Hikvision and Dahua through the National Defense Authorization Act in 2019.

Since then, US government agencies have gone through the process of withdrawing products from these companies.

In the private sector, media reports emerged last month that the US Federal Communications Commission was seeking to ban the sale of video surveillance equipment produced by Chinese companies in the country.

This is YTN Kim Won-bae.

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