[국제]Greater China welcomes ‘free Lunar New Year’ in 3 years… Crowds ‘crowded’

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Escape from ‘Zero Corona’ for the first time in 3 years and enjoy the Lunar New Year
New Year’s Eve family dinner together and making wishes
Citizens visit Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong all night long
Citizens gather at Longshan Temple in Taipei to make New Year wishes

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China was crowded with crowds as it celebrated the free Lunar New Year holiday, when the quarantine against Corona 19 disappeared for the first time in three years.

Residents of Hong Kong and Taiwan also visited temples and landmarks with their families to make New Year’s wishes.

Reporter Kim Tae-hyun reports.

Crowds gathered in the city center of Beijing, China, on New Year’s Day.

Citizens who went out with their families enjoyed the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, the biggest holiday in the Greater China region.

It’s nice to have a free Lunar New Year holiday after 3 years away from the strict ‘zero corona’ quarantine measures.

[장이원 / 허베이성 탕산 시민: 대부분이 건강을 유지해 대체로 일상은 회복됐습니다. 새해 경제가 더욱 나아지기를 기대합니다.]

[야오팅푸 / 베이징 방문객: 일상 생활이 더 나아지기를 기대합니다. 이제 80∼90% 정도 회복됐는데 이것도 좋습니다.]

On New Year’s Eve, families gather together to have a dinner called ‘Nian Ye Fan’ (年夜飯) to pray for health and good luck.

On this day, citizens who visited Wong Tai Sin (黃大仙) Taoist Temple, the largest in Hong Kong, to make wishes for the New Year continued throughout the night.

[위니 영 / 홍콩 주민: 홍콩 경제가 나아져 모두 직업을 가지면 좋겠습니다. 코로나19가 잠잠해져서 모두 건강하기를 기원합니다.]

Taiwan, across the continent, also relaxed a little on New Year’s Day.

Many citizens flocked to Longshan Temple, a famous landmark in Taipei, to pray for good health and prosperity throughout the year.

The heart of enjoying the holiday while shaking off corona and economic worries was the same as us in the Greater China region.

This is YTN Kim Tae-hyun.

YTN Kim Tae-hyun ([email protected])

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