[국제]“Hackers were hacked”…US ‘Ransomware’ hacking network closed

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A large-scale hacking network that paralyzed the computer networks of hospitals and financial institutions around the world and extorted large sums of money was dismantled.

The US Department of Justice evaluated it as an achievement achieved by hacking hackers.

This is reporter Kim Tae-hyun’s report.

The U.S. government has announced that it has shut down Hive, a network of hacking organizations that has been carrying out ransomware attacks targeting hospitals, schools, and financial institutions in more than 80 countries around the world.

Ransomware, a combination of hostage ransom and software, infiltrates the computer network, paralyzes it, and collects a large amount of money in exchange for recovery.

Hive has extorted more than 100 million dollars and more than 120 billion won of our money from about 1,500 institutions since June 2021.

They also indiscriminately hacked important public facilities.

In August 2021, a hospital that was attacked amid the great spread of Corona 19 became paralyzed with a computer network, making it difficult to treat patients properly.

[메릭 갈런드 / 미국 법무부 장관 : 하이브의 랜섬웨어 공격으로 그 병원은 새로운 환자를 받을 수 없게 됐습니다. 환자 정보를 종이 복사본에 의존해야 했고, 돈을 준 뒤에야 데이터를 복구했습니다.]

After infiltrating the Hive computer network in June of last year, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) carried out an undercover operation to steal more than 300 decryption codes and deliver them to the victims.

The Ministry of Justice praised itself as an achievement achieved by hacking hackers.

[리사 모나코 / 미국 법무부 차관 : 합법적인 수단으로 해커들을 해킹했습니다. 우리는 하이브의 상황을 뒤집었고 그들의 사업 모델을 파괴해 잠재적 피해자를 구하고 약 1억 3천만 달러를 지켰습니다.]

Monaco’s deputy minister said he would fight back against cybercrime by all means.

This is YTN Kim Tae-hyun.

YTN Kim Tae-hyun ([email protected])

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