[국제]Israeli protesters “against the neutralization of the judiciary”… airport siege, road blockade

Protesters in Israel have blocked access roads to Ben Gurion International Airport by mobilizing vehicles against an attempt to ‘disrupt justice’.

It was the day when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s overseas visit and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s schedule were scheduled, but the roads were virtually paralyzed.

Reporter Kim Seon-hee reports.

The access road to Ben Gurion International Airport was blocked by a convoy of cars with Israeli flags.

Citizens who oppose the Israeli government’s judicial reform plan have blocked the airport access road.

The Israeli government is pushing for a judicial reform bill that would allow Congress to overturn the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional decision, and citizens are fiercely opposed.

[오퍼 아하로니 / 시민 : 오늘 아침 가족 모두와 시위를 하기 위해 이곳에 왔습니다. 정부가 어떤 제한도 없이 원하는 법을 제정할 수 있도록 시스템을 바꾸려고 하기 때문입니다.]

Citizens who have been protesting for more than two months have declared the 9th a day of resistance against dictatorship.

Parents and children participated in the protests across the country, and workers, farmers, and 3,000 reserve soldiers also joined, raising the level of opposition.

As the road to the airport was virtually paralyzed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was scheduled for an overseas business trip, ended up moving by helicopter.

There is also an analysis that the protesters set the date of the demonstration in consideration of the visit of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to attract the attention of the international community.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said he would not tolerate the protesters, saying they were pushing the country into anarchy.

[베냐민 네타냐후 / 이스라엘 총리 : 시위대의 목표는 불과 몇 달 전에 민주적으로 선출된 정부를 무너뜨리고 6차 선거를 실시하는 것입니다. 우리는 국민의 삶이 붕되되는 일을 막기 위해 모든 것을 할 것입니다.]

In fact, police arrested dozens of protesters and reservists.

Water cannons were deployed and hundreds of police officers responded to the protests.

Social tensions are at their worst as Netanyahu’s far-right government, the most far-right in Israeli history, pushes through judicial reforms.

This is YTN Kim Seon-hee.

YTN Kim Seon-hee ([email protected])

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