[국제]’Korea’ was pulled out… Group tours to China added to 40 countries

China abolishes quarantine and PCR testing for entrants from abroad in January
From the 15th, online and offline group travel products will be allowed
Allows travel to 40 countries in Europe, South America and Asia… Skip Korea
Serious conflicts such as suspension of Korean and Chinese visas during the first round of exclusion from Korea

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China has added 40 countries to allow its citizens to travel overseas as a group.

This is the second announcement following the first announcement of 20 countries last month, and this time, Korea was picked out again.

Reporter Kim Sang-woo is on the sidewalk.

China abolished its zero-corona policy, which is a super-strong quarantine measure, and since January 8, it has eliminated quarantine and PCR testing for all arrivals from abroad.

While removing the ‘entry barriers’ built up during the corona pandemic, they have gradually allowed their citizens to travel abroad.

China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on its homepage that from the 15th, travel agencies such as online will be able to sell products such as group tours to Chinese.

There are 40 countries, including European countries such as Greece, South American countries such as Brazil, and Asian countries such as Vietnam, but Korea is not included.

Previously, on the 6th of last month, Chinese group tours were allowed to 20 countries, including Thailand, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Argentina, for the first time, but Korea was also excluded at this time.

[마오닝 / 중국 외교부 대변인 : 중국은 보고서를 주목하고 있는데 국가들이 취하는 코로나 예방조치가 과학적이고 합리적이어야 한다고 믿고 있습니다. 우리는 더 많은 국가들이 중국과 협력해서 국경을 넘나드는 여행을 촉진하기를 기대합니다.]

It was interpreted that China’s exclusion of Korea from the 20 countries that allowed group travel in the first round was because of the serious conflict between Korea and China when they stopped issuing short-term visas to each other at the time.

However, in this case, it is an analysis that the political background was laid because Korea and China normalized visa issuance, mutually lifted additional quarantine measures taken on each other’s citizens, such as corona tests after entry, and agreed to significantly increase the number of flights to and from each other.

The United States and Japan, like Korea, were not included in China’s 1st and 2nd group travel permitted list.

This is YTN Kim Sang-woo.

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