[국제]Nobel Prize for helping Ukraine win 130 billion won … Donbass offensive countdown

Amid heavy wars as Russia announces a general offensive in eastern Ukraine, the helping hand to Ukraine continues unabated.

A Nobel Prize medal auctioned off to help Ukraine was sold at a shockingly high price, while Hollywood actor Ben Stiller met President Zelensky to send a message of support.

This is the report by Kwon Joon-gi.

When the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dmitry Muratov’s Nobel Prize medal is auctioned off, cheers erupt.

[마이크 새들러 / 경매사 : 여기 경매장 내에서 또는 전 세계에서 1억 달러 넘는 호가가 없습니까? 그럼 그럼 신사 숙녀 여러분, 1억 달러에 낙찰됐습니다]

Muratov, who won last year’s Nobel Prize for fighting the Russian government’s repression of the press, is auctioning off a charity auction to help a Ukrainian child who has been homeless in the war.

The price is more than 130 billion won in Korean money, which is more than 20 times the highest winning bid for a Nobel Prize medal in history.

[드미트리 무라토프 / 러시아 언론인 : 엄청난 연대가 있기를 바랐지만 이렇게 엄청난 액수로 낙찰될 줄은 몰랐습니다.]

Hollywood actor Ben Stiller met President Zelensky and expressed his respect for his former comedian.

[벤 스틸러 / 헐리우드 배우 : 정말 영광입니다. 당신은 제 영웅입니다. 이런 중책을 맡기 위해 잘 나가는 배우 일을 관뒀잖아요.(당신 만큼 잘 나가진 않았어요)]

Despite the messages of support, the situation in Ukraine is getting darker.

The evacuation procession is getting longer as Russia announces a general offensive in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

Most of them are women, children, and elderly people with limited mobility.

[엠마 / 피난민 : 우리 마을은 지금 너무 무서워요. 제 남편은 걷지도 못하는데 남아 있어요. 상황을 지켜보다 돌아가야 할지도 모르겠어요.]

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The Ukrainian military says Russia has gathered most of its troops around Donbas and is aiming to reach the Luhansk border by this weekend.

To make matters worse, despite Western arms support, Ukraine’s eastern front is struggling with a shortage of arms, so the battle for its fate is expected this week.

This is Kwon Jun-ki from YTN.

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