[국제]’Secret leak scandal’ Biden loses to Trump in virtual presidential contest

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With the US presidential election scheduled for November next year, the results of a virtual confrontation came out that President Joe Biden was behind former President Donald Trump.

This is the exact opposite of the previous survey results.

Reporter Kim Won-bae reports.

From the 19th to the 21st, Emerson University in the United States held a virtual showdown for next year’s presidential election targeting 1,015 registered voters.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating was 41%, and former President Donald Trump’s approval rating was 44%.

Although within the margin of error, President Biden was 3 percentage points behind.

The results of this investigation are in direct contrast to the previous investigation.

In a survey last November, President Biden recorded an approval rating of 45%, ahead of former President Trump, who only reached 41%, by 4 percentage points.

If President Biden and Florida Governor Ron Disantis, who is rapidly emerging as the next Republican runner, face off, Biden 40% and Disantis 39%.

Although within the margin of error, President Biden was 1 percentage point ahead.

58% of Democratic primary voters said that President Biden should be the next presidential candidate, and 42% pointed out that another candidate should run.

Emerson University explained, “President Biden has a solid approval rating among minorities such as Hispanics and blacks, but 51% of white voters said they needed another candidate.”

In the case of Republican primary voters, 55% of respondents supported former President Trump as the next candidate, and 29% supported Florida Governor Disantis.

Compared to November last year, there is no change in the approval rating for former President Trump, but the approval rating for Governor Disantis has increased by 4 percentage points.

President Biden, who is preparing to run for the presidential election next year, has been hit hard as confidential documents from the time he served as vice president during the former President Obama were found one after another in his personal office and Wilmington sister-in-law.

President Biden criticized former President Trump when the issue of former President Trump’s confidential leaks arose earlier, but as he was in a similar situation, he was caught up in the aftermath with the point of ‘Narrow Nambul’.

This is YTN Kim Won-bae.

YTN Wonbae Kim ([email protected])

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