[국제]Unidentified remains found in desert identified as Korean woman who went missing in June

A Korean woman who went missing in Yucca Valley, California, has been confirmed to have died four months after her disappearance. The San Bernardino County Medical Examiner’s Office in California, USA announced on the 28th that the remains of Korean-American Lauren Cho were found near the place of disappearance.

Jo disappeared on June 28 while traveling to Yucca Valley, California, with her boyfriend and friends before the trip. At that time, he was seen leaving all his belongings and heading to the desert without even bringing his cell phone.

The ex-boyfriend reported the disappearance to the police three hours after Jo disappeared. During the police investigation, he testified that Mr. Cho usually had mental health problems. However, Cho’s family created a Facebook page to find him and asked him “to refrain from speculating about the mental health of the missing person.”

On the 9th, an unidentified body was found in the Yucca Valley area, and after an autopsy, it was determined to be Mr. Cho. Authorities are currently analyzing the cause of death, and there are no further details to be disclosed.

The San Nordino County Sheriff said the cause of death has not been confirmed and is awaiting the results of a poison analysis.

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