[국제]”Winning the Eurovision is a victory for Ukraine”…A promise to win the war

Ukrainian rock bands win the European music festival ‘Eurovision’, providing great comfort to the people of Ukraine suffering from war.

Ukrainian President Zelensky expressed his strong will to restore territory, saying that next year’s Eurovision Games will be held in Mariupol.

Reporter Im Soo-geun on the sidewalk.

Olech Psiuk, the leader of the rock band ‘Kalush Orchestra’, gave all the glory to the people of his homeland at war.

[홀레흐 프시우크 / 유로비전 우승 ‘칼루시 오케스트라’ 리더 : 감사합니다. 우크라이나를 지지해 주셔서 감사드립니다. 이 우승은 모든 우크라이나 국민의 승리입니다.]

Residents of Kiiu, the capital, praised the decision, saying that the ‘Kalushi Orchestra’ participated in Eurovision and informed the horrors of the war despite difficult circumstances.

[미콜라 라시우크 / 키이우 시민 : 우승보다는 현재 국내 어려운 여건에서 참가해 공연한 게 중요합니다. 그들은 우리를 응원했고 우린 그들을 응원합니다.]

The soldiers who watched Eurovision from the bunker strengthened their will for war with this victory.

[테티아나 / 우크라이나군 의무병 : 우리는 승리했습니다. 오늘은 유로비전에서 우승했지만 조만간 러시아와의 전쟁에서 승리할 것입니다.]

President Zelensky was encouraged: “Ukraine’s courage has impressed the world and its music has conquered Europe.”

At the same time, he showed a determined will to restore the territorial integrity by saying that next year’s Eurovision to be held by the winning country will be held in Mariupol, which is almost occupied by Russia.

Congratulatory messages from the heads of countries followed.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the victory reflected the unwavering support of the Ukrainian people in the struggle.

European Union President Charles Michel supported the hope that next year’s event will be held in ‘free and integrated Ukraine’.

Moscow citizens, on the other hand, devalued the Ukrainian team’s victory, saying Eurovision had always made a political choice.

[안드레이 / 러시아 모스크바 시민 : 우크라이나 사태와 러시아에 대한 유럽연합의 정책에 따른 정치적 움직입니다.]

The Eurovision winning team ‘Kalusi Orchestra’ released the music video for the winning song ‘Stephania’ on social media, which captures the horrors of the war.

This is YTN Im Soo-geun.

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