[미리보는 이데일리 신문]Renewable energy in charge of carbon reduction, the reality is a thorny road

[이데일리 박정수 기자] The following is the main news of the E-Daily newspaper on the 27th.

△1 side

– Renewable energy in charge of carbon reduction, reality is a thorny road

-Companies leaving KOSDAQ… Daejang-led KOSPI line solsol

-Even if arrested, annual salary of 100 million won, iron rice bowl golden badge

-[사설]Running out of tricks and tricks…巨ノ, trampling on parliamentary democracy

-[사설]MZ union’s refusal of government subsidies, hope for new winds of financial independence


– K Semiconductor won the US subsidy application

-‘Spring of Figure Skating’ re-bloomed by Yeon-ah Kids

△ iron rice bowl gold badge

– Even if you don’t work, you get a flat salary ‘no work, no pay exception’… Self salary increase

-U.S. can arrest during criminal offense session… Sweden, ‘0 won’ for absenteeism

-‘Is it possible to increase the number of members without giving up privileges’… Reorganization of the electoral system, difficulties in persuading the public

△Endemic special missing Korean tourism

-Korea 1.9 trillion deficit vs Japan 1.7 trillion surplus… Japan has a high tide of visitors, Korea has a low tide abroad

-Hong Kong distributed 500,000 free tickets… Korea without a ‘big event’

-Japan air ticket price skyrocketing… Children’s Day holiday up to 910,000 won

△ Companies leaving the KOSDAQ

– The stock price is not good even if it is moved to the KOSPI… Still, listed companies looking for big things

-Overseas IR by company size… Stop the KOSDAQ discount

– Lower the threshold and maintain the identity of the technology stock market… Nasdaq is the world’s second largest exchange


-The target can only be achieved by doubling the rate of facility expansion… Desperate support for expansion of supply through special laws, etc.

-Coco bond increased by 55% in 2 years… “There is less concern about write-offs like CS”

-Kwon Do-hyung, in case of dissatisfaction in the local area… Domestic repatriation may take several years

-Oh Se-hoon “We will create an organization dedicated to the Han River Project that will continue even if the market changes”

△ politics

-Lee Jae-myung, pro-myung-gye leadership water change… The screaming world ‘Lee’s resignation theory’ is quiet for now

-尹 “Warrior at a flowery age… How can I keep my composure?”

-巨ノ Compulsory Weak Grain Management Act… Presidential Office “Listen to the views of farmers and make a comprehensive judgment”

-No “Han Dong-hun resigns” vs. Shin “anti-constitutional sophistry”… Opposition and Judiciary Committee’Complete Prosecution’ Collision Notice

-‘Public Sentiment Barometer’: 1,309,677 re-elections and by-elections


-Accommodation/KTX discount… Turn overseas travel demand to domestic

– Woori Financial Group Chairman Lim Jong-ryong’s first personnel ‘test bench’

– Convenience stores and supermarkets do not sell draft beer… Reconfirming the Ministry of Strategy and Finance’s interpretation of the tax law

-Six out of ten children born are ‘first’


-‘I shouted out China, but I couldn’t rule it out’… 100 global CEOs gathered in Beijing

-After CS, Deutsche Bank is also shaken… Spread to 100,000 SVB-launched grenades

-‘Severed ties with Taiwan’ Honduras establishes diplomatic ties with China… “Recognize One China”

-Putin “Deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus”… The crisis of neutralizing the nuclear non-proliferation regime


– Simultaneous construction of 47 ships… Ulsan Shipyard Full of Work

– Host hackathon and job fair… LG Walks Arms to Cultivate AI Talents

-SK networks, accelerating the transformation into a business-type investment company

-習 Meet your right-hand man and visit the local factory… Chairman Lee Jae-yong, ‘wide movement’ in China

-GM selected LG Electronics as the best electric vehicle supplier


– Respond to Apple Pay with a financial benefit package… Make people feel that ‘using Kakao Pay makes money’

-“I will do a ‘fact check’ on the thesis written with ChatGPT”

– A classic game from the 1970s, reborn as VR… Multiple access and multi-game

-Hyeonsik Hwang, 2.28 billion, ‘annual salary king’ of the three telecommunications companies

△ Small business

-Cement company “Stop production strategy with ESG investment”… Remicon Co., Ltd. “Construction site chaos”

– Minister of SMEs and Startups Young Lee “started to pay for SW”

– Buncher industry “I hope the multiple voting rights will be passed this time”

-LocknLock, ‘Top’ in brand power for airtight containers for 20 consecutive years

△ consumer life

-“Connecting the logistics warehouse and small business owners… Bullet delivery of market products”

-Era of delivery chicken ‘30,000 won’… Eyes focused on mart ‘half-price chicken’

-Cheong-Kwan-Jang Cheon-Nok, a combination of the finest antler and high-quality red ginseng

-Red Velvet Black Pink Oreo limited edition popularity

△ Securities

-Warning overheating of ‘secondary battery stock’ amidst ‘watching’ market

– Financial stocks plunged 9% this month… Securities stocks becoming more attractive, why?

– Two domestic voting advisory firms “in favor” of the “JB Financial Group’s additional appointment of outside directors”

△ Securities

– Shaking coin… “Crypto Winter coming in April” warning light

-NH Investment Trust Token Securities Consultative Body ‘STO Vision Group’ launched

-“Development of eco-friendly packaging materials… Increase earnings and dividends

– Review of dismissal of CEOs of banks and securities companies for embezzlement and sale of insolvent funds

△ real estate

-In one year, business closures doubled… Provincial construction companies fail one after another

-The price of the house is hundreds of millions of won, so don’t shoot a model house?

– Sign up for guaranteed insurance with a raised threshold… It’s hard to find a tenant

-Is rapid sales decreasing due to tax burden relief? Intensive ‘watching’


– “Are you barely divorced?”… Six queens, a high-pitched battle

-Popular in investment… Spring wind blows again

– Dancing with contemporary sensibility through upright gestures of traditional succession


-Danny Lee “Now I dream of winning in Korea”

-KEPCO, PO 2nd battle against Hyundai Capital… Victory is the starting point

-Ahn Songi “My goal is to win a major championship”

-Yuka Sasso, two albatross records in one tournament

△ Opinion

-[법조 프리즘]Is there ‘Solomon’s Wisdom’ in ChatGPT lawyers?

-[생생확대경]It’s the criminal’s fault, what’s wrong with the ‘iron ball slingshot’?

-[기고]Is finance possible only in Seoul?

△ Opinion

-[목멱칼럼]What happens when banks forget their role

-[데스크의 눈]Flexible working hours, let’s have an open discussion

-[기자수첩]French pension reform that is very different from Korea

-[e갤러리]Young-Hak Park ‘Sweet 23-07’

△ People

– In English, in Hebrew… “The citizens of Busan invite you”

-“Korea-Japan radio station meeting resumed after 4 years… Cooperation Discussion”

-Coex-Edaily MICE industry revitalization business agreement

-Korea, 7 consecutive victories in the International Paralympic Games

– Kwon Young-geol, chairman of the Seoul Design Foundation, as the new chairman of the National Architectural Policy Committee

-‘Semiconductor legend’ Gordon Moore, founder of Intel, dies at 94


– 1 out of 4 foreign patients go through plastic surgery… bruised in a dispute

-Jin-sang Jeong’s first trial, Dong-gyu Yoo’s first meeting… Trials surrounding Lee start one after another this week

-Police, not prosecutors… Jong-soo Woo unofficially appointed as head of the Noodle Headquarters

-Unlimited number of people at Korea University’s ‘1,000 won breakfast’

-Opening 23 public facilities in Seoul as public wedding halls