[사회][뉴있저] Sand that melts like my stock…”It’s witty” vs “Are you weak?”

‘Today’s Three Cuts’ delivers news that has become a hot topic online.

The first news is a story that sparked controversy because of the name of a confectionery launched at a large discount mart.

Let’s see it on the screen.

The product name is ‘Vanilla Butter Sand that melts like my staple food’.

Comparing the stock market crash this year, it contains the meaning that it melts in your mouth as quickly as you eat it.

There was also a reaction among netizens that it was “witty”, but

As there are many investors who have suffered losses from stocks, there have been many criticisms.

“Are you making fun of the ant investor?” and “I crossed the line” were many responses.

After controversy arose, the mart eventually decided to change the name of the product. What do you think?

The second news is ‘President Joe Biden’s dementia theory’ that has been raised again.

Less than 5 seconds after shaking hands, they were caught reaching out again. Let’s see the video.

This is a scene from the recent semiconductor science law signing ceremony held at the White House.

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer shook hands with President Biden first on the podium and then held hands with other people in turn.

But President Biden reached out again, as if he had forgotten to shake his hand.

It is not known exactly what happened, but netizens shared the video, expressing concern, saying, “It took President Biden only 5 seconds to forget his handshake.”

The last cut is the news of a beluga beluga whale found in the Seine River in France for the first time in 74 years.

Beluga, who had been struggling with food and drink, died without being able to reach her hometown.

Rescue operations continued yesterday to return the beluga to the sea.

The sad news came that his condition worsened during the emergency transfer and he was eventually euthanized.

Doctors said euthanasia was the best option for a beluga who was visibly suffering.

I hope that I will be able to swim to my heart’s content on the shores of the heavens, as I somehow got tired of hunger all the way to the distant Seine.

So far, it’s been ‘three cuts today’.

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