[사회]Generation Z has low sociability?…”Generation X is the least”

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Generation Z, college students, and Generation X, those in their 40s, who is more social?

A research result has come out that is the exact opposite of the prejudice that young people these days have low social skills and are not good at organizational life.

This is Reporter Jang Ah-young.


“Senior! The one that came out now is mine.” “Yes?” “The one that just came out, it’s mine.” “So what?” “The team leader brought it to me… Me too!”

A newcomer in his 20s who wants his boss to run errands to deliver printed materials.

It’s a web drama based on real cases posted on the internet community, and there are sympathetic comments saying that it’s like watching the youngest member of our company.

However, the perception that Generation Z is not good at organizational life due to low social skills and lack of sense,

Research has shown that it is just bias.

Among Generation Z, teenagers had the highest social skills score, and Generation Z in their 20s had a similar level.

Rather, it was found that the late M generation in their early 30s and the X generation in their 40s to 50s showed the least social skills.

Gen Xers have overestimated their level of social development.

When asked what score they rated themselves on a scale of 10, they gave the highest score with an average score of 7.32.

This study was conducted on 5,000 people.

This is the result of asking about the frequency and importance of sentences such as ‘I make friends easily’ and ‘When I have an argument, I resolve it through conversation with friends or co-workers’.

The research team explained that they paid more attention to the fact that each person’s sociality is different from each other, even within the same generation.

This is YTN Jang Ah-yeong.

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