[사회]It was crowded two hours ago… Nothing changed in the 112 report.

At the moment of the ‘Itaewon disaster’, YTN secured CCTV containing the situation in the alley.

Two hours before the disaster, citizens were in a state of difficulty to even take a step, but the urgent 112 call did not change anything.

Reporter Song Jae-in reports.

The Itaewon disaster alley was already crowded from around 8pm, two hours ago.

Although the crowds fall out as citizens make their own one-way traffic, the congestion at the bottom of the alley leading to Itaewon Station is so clogged that it repeats itself again.

At 8:09 p.m., when the 112 report was received, “There was a fall, injury, and riot,” citizens were already virtually trapped in the alley.

People trying to get out of the alley and people trying to enter are entangled.

By the time the third 112 call is received, citizens hold onto the railing of the store or hold the shoulder of the person in front of them and take one step at a time, but the policeman is still nowhere to be seen.

The police first assigned ‘Code 0’, the most urgent situation, to the fifth report received around 9 pm.

It was dispatched to the scene and closed down after controlling citizens in the area, but the scene of the disaster recorded on CCTV has not changed.

In the end, 50 minutes later, the crowds are pushed down, and even the citizens down the alley fall helplessly.

Citizens who raised their arms and held their center in the crowd that were swept down like a wave like that, 10 minutes later, stare at the top of the alley from their seats.

There was a disaster at the top of the alley.

The three officers rush through the crowd and rush up the alley, but it’s already too late.

An hour after the Seoul city rally was over, the task force, which had been waiting at night, received the first order to dispatch from the Yongsan Police Station.

Before the disaster, there were only about 20 police officers from the Itaewon Police Station who were in charge of maintaining order at the scene.

This is Song Jae-in from YTN.

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