[사회]”Let’s raise literacy” Korean private education expenses increase…Private education expenses ‘fluctuate’ according to education policy

“Lowering literacy”… Expansion of Korean private education market
“A good university should be good at math”… ‘Elementary medical class’ is also popular
Prior to vacation, private education is frequent… should be included in the investigation

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Last year, the subject that showed the largest increase in private education expenditures in elementary, middle and high schools was ‘Korean’.

It seems that the Korean private education market has expanded as issues of ‘inability to speak Korean’ and ‘literacy’ have emerged.

It has been confirmed that whenever the government’s education policy or CSAT policy changes, the private education market fluctuates along with it.

This is Reporter Jang Ah-yeong.

Korea’s private education spending has risen steeply and reached an all-time high.

Korean subjects, which increased by 13% from the previous year, led the increase.

It seems that the diagnosis that literacy is getting worse due to Corona 19 and the use of digital devices led students to private education.

Until 2015, the number of high school students receiving private Korean language education was in the single digits, but after passing through the 2019 and 2022 CSATs, which showed the highest level of Korean language difficulty, by 2022, one out of four students will be attending private academies.

The time to enter the private education market in earnest is accelerating.

Among all grades of elementary, middle and high school, the grade with the highest participation rate in private education was elementary school 2, a year earlier than elementary school 3 last year.

It is pointed out that the fact that the survey on infants and toddlers was omitted from the private education statistics is to ignore the reality that English kindergartens, or English academies for infants, are prevalent.

Since the 2000s, the trend toward medical schools has been getting worse year by year, and the perception that if you can’t do math with the integrated liberal arts and science entrance exam, you won’t be able to go to a good university, leading elementary school students to do good in math.

[임성호 / 종로학원 대표 : (상위권 학생의) 학부모들의 인식 자체가 초등학교 6학년이지만 70% 정도는 중3까지를 마스터 하려고 하고 있고 나머지 30% 정도는 초등학교 6학년 단계에서 이미 고등학교 과정까지를 마스터 하려고 하는….]

In addition, last year, the Yoon Seok-yeol government decided to retain private high schools and foreign language high schools and sent a signal to diversify high schools, which immediately affected statistics.

[구본창 / 사교육걱정없는세상 정책대안연구소장 : 일반고도 다양화하고 외고도 분화시키고 영재학교도 더 늘리고 이런 이야기들이 나오고 있기 때문에 고교 서열화 특히 초등학생 중학생들이 입시 경쟁으로 뛰어드는 이런 상황들을 더 조장하고 있는 상황이 있거든요.]

Although the average monthly private education cost per person announced this time is 410,000 won, parents respond that the perceived cost is much higher.

It is pointed out that vacations, when prior private education is frequent, should be included in the survey period, and the ratio of private education expenses to income or the number of private education per capita should be investigated.

This is YTN Jang Ah-yeong.

YTN Jang Ah-young ([email protected])

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