[사회]Lunar New Year’s Day at Unhyeongung Palace… Experience traditional archery

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In celebration of the Lunar New Year, various traditional culture experience events are being held at Unhyeongung Palace in Seoul.

Citizens made memories by giving themselves to the exciting folk performances and enjoying folk games such as archery.

Let’s find out by connecting reporters who are out in the field. Reporter Hwang Bo Hye-kyung!

Yes, it is listed in Unhyeongung Palace, Seoul.

Until when is today’s experience event?

Today’s Unhyeon Palace traditional culture experience event will all end at 4:00 PM.

Today, the day of the Lunar New Year, about 2,000 people visited Unhyeon Palace and enjoyed various experience events.

There were many citizens who visited Unhyeongung with their families, friends, and lovers from three generations together.

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Unhyeon Palace was the residence of Gojong, the 26th king of the Joseon Dynasty and the emperor of the Korean Empire, until he ascended the throne.

Unhyeon, which means ‘Gureumjae’, is considered one of the representative attractions in Seoul because of its quiet beauty.

In the New Year of Gye-myo, from 11:00 a.m., in the front yard of Unhyeon-gung, a craft experience of making socks with old tops and traditional Korean paper was held.

In addition, various folk games such as jegichagi, yutnori, tuho, and archery can be experienced, so many family visitors visited.

Visitors prayed for good luck and health this year by taking fortune talismans and throwing large yut while watching yut fortune telling for the new year.

During lunchtime, a rice cake soup sharing event was held, and as many people, including foreign tourists, gathered, 300 servings were sold out in 40 minutes.

From 2:00 p.m., in the front yard of Unhyeongung Palace, performances of Korean traditional musical instruments such as daegeum, haegeum, and taepyeongso, and pansori performances were held.

Except for the 5,000 won craft experience fee, all events are free.

The Unhyeongung Lunar New Year Folk Festival is held until Tuesday, the last day of the holiday.

If you want to make special memories during the Lunar New Year holidays, we recommend that you visit with your family, lover, and friends.

This is YTN Hwang Bo Hye-gyeong from Unhyeon Palace in Seoul.

Bohyekyung Hwang of YTN ([email protected])

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