From this year, the current Gyeongnam Police Commissioner Nam Goo-jun was virtually confirmed as the first head of the National Investigation Headquarters in charge of police investigations.

The National Police Agency announced today (22nd) that it had recommended Commissioner Nam as the head of the noodle headquarters.

The National Police Agency explained that accountability and expertise are important qualifications, with the head of the Noodle Headquarters in charge of over 30,000 national police officers and 18 provincial police officers.

He added that the Commissioner of the National Police Agency has reviewed the appropriate persons so far, and decided to recommend them internally.

The appointment process remains until the final decision of the head of the Noodles Headquarters, but considering the fact that the National Police Agency has coordinated appointments with the Blue House, the appointment is certain.

Commissioner Nam was from Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do in 1967. After graduating from the police force in the fifth term, he worked as the head of the Gyeongnam Police Agency in August of last year after working as the head of the Changwon Central Department in Gyeongsangnam-do and the head of the Cyber ​​Safety Bureau of the National Police Agency.

As a result of the public recruitment of the head of the Noodle Headquarters last month, the National Police Agency applied five people, including former high-ranking police officers and lawyers, but chose internal personnel.

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