[영상] China’s Hefei to launch more than 330 China-Europe freight trains this year

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[신화/내외뉴스통신] Reporter Lee Song-ok

Despite the spread of COVID-19, the number of China-Europe freight trains departing from Hefei, Anhui Province, has increased significantly this year.

The total number of China-Europe freight trains departing from Hefei until May this year was 339, an increase of 175 compared to the same period last year.

[중국-유럽 화물열차 기관사] “Freight train service continues to show solid growth. The number of China-Europe freight trains in operation has not decreased and has started to increase since the end of April. Although the workload has increased, we are proud of the strong economic recovery.”

According to local railway authorities, freight trains transported 31,956 TEU of cargo, a surge of 106%. Outbound trains carried solar products, auto parts and home appliances. Inbound trains imported products such as red wine, milk, barley and cotton yarn from European and Asian countries.

[중국철로 상하이국그룹 관계자] “China-Europe freight trains are operating steadily. Inbound trains are loaded with milk, red wine, barley, cotton yarn and chemical products, and the variety of items is diversifying.”

Since Hefei launched freight train service in 2014, it has sent more than 2,200 freight trains to 70 destinations in 16 countries.

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