[와글와글] One-year-old son as a ‘human shield’… American society outrage

In the United States, a scene in which a man uses his young son as a shield during a confrontation with the police is outraged by netizens.

This man who walks back and forth with a child in a diaper in his arms.

When the police aim the taser, instead of protecting the child, he hugs him to his chest like a shield.

The controversial scene was last month in Florida, where Gothran was caught on a police officer’s body cam.

At the time, the man had kidnapped his one-year-old son from his girlfriend’s house and was running away in a car.

He was driving recklessly while ignoring the police’s order to stop the car, and when the siege was narrowed, he finally stopped the car and used the child as a shield.

Fortunately, the child was rescued, and it is said that the suspect was arrested on charges of speeding and obstructing the execution of official duties.

An innocent one-year-old child was almost at risk.

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