[전국]The wife of a noncommissioned officer who died at the scene of a traffic accident… Suspicious blanket caught

His wife in the passenger seat died… Army Sergeant Seriously Injured Driving
Police found suspected crime as a result of CCTV analysis
“Look around the site before the accident… Move an object wrapped in a blanket”

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Yesterday (8th) at dawn in Donghae, Gangwon-do, an army noncommissioned officer was driving a car and his wife died in an accident.

However, before the accident, a video was found of a noncommissioned officer carrying something wrapped in a blanket, and suspicious circumstances were captured, and the military police began an investigation.

Reporter Song Se-hyeok covered the story.

A car traveling at high speed suddenly swerves to the left and hits a wall.

At around 5:00 am, a 47-year-old Sergeant A from an army unit drove a car on a road in Donghae City and caused an accident.

His 41-year-old wife B, who was in the passenger seat, died, and Sergeant A was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Sergeant A suffered multiple fractures, and the deceased wife was also reported to have fractured ankles.

[동해소방서 관계자 (음성변조) : 여자분 먼저 구조했고 심정지 상태여서 CPR(심폐소생술)을 하고 남자분 구조하고 병원으로 이송하고….]

At the time, the breathalyzer test confirmed that Sergeant A did not drink alcohol.

The police, who were analyzing the surrounding CCTV to find out the details of the accident, captured the circumstances of a suspected crime.

Before the accident, the car was filmed making several rounds around the accident site.

In addition, the CCTV video of Yarn A’s apartment elevator also showed Yarn A moving something wrapped in a blanket.

[경찰 관계자 (음성변조) : 모포 들고나오는 것도 있는데, 모포 안은 뭔지를 모르죠. 그런 정황이 있다고 해서 우리는 군에 그냥 넘겼죠.]

The military police, who received CCTV and other data from the police, are investigating the incident.

The National Institute of Scientific Investigation is conducting an autopsy to reveal the cause of Mr. B’s death, and the police are also planning to hand over the autopsy results to the military police.

This is YTN Song Se-hyeok.

YTN Song Se-hyeok ([email protected])

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