[전국]”Tidal flat relic, Goryeo celadon is right”… ‘Saemangeum International Airport’ where variables met

Inlaid celadon from the Goryeo period in intact form has been discovered one after another at the planned site of Saemangeum International Airport in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do.

Once the plan was made to excavate only 2% of the discovery site, it is interesting to see how it will affect the construction of the airport in the future.

This is reporter Kim Min-seong’s report.

In the distance, beneath the surface of the water, you can see a bowl that has been turned upside down in the soil.

Come close and wash away any green stains and dirt from the surface.

After a while, the vessel revealed itself, and people burst out in applause.

[“(어머 깨끗하다!) 세상에, 야 이거 보물입니다, 보물! 이거 우리 완전체로 찾은 거예요!”]

A bowl with a diameter of about 20 cm was discovered on the 17th of last month.

Previously, about two months after the celadon cup with a chrysanthemum pattern was excavated in early July, a new burial relic came out again.

This is the site of the new Saemangeum Airport.

It is known that a temporary drainage ditch was dug along this road, and since then, Goryeo celadon and several pieces of it have been discovered one after another.

The Cultural Heritage Administration recently determined that the burials previously discovered by civic groups were Goryeo celadon, that is, cultural assets.

Accordingly, an official letter was sent to the competent local government to ‘prepare local conservation measures’.

Gunsan City is said to have replied that it would conduct a sample survey by judging the 50m radius of this area as an area where buried cultural assets remain.

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Sampling survey is a method in which only 2% of the designated area is surveyed to determine whether to conduct a full-scale excavation or not.

[오동필 / 새만금신공항백지화공동행동 공동집행위원장 : (수라갯벌은) 아주 유력한 해양 조운선들의 해운 루트거든요. 저희는 해저 유물에 대한 광범위한 조사가 필요하다고 생각하는데….]

A civic group reported to the Cultural Heritage Administration that the newly discovered burial is likely to be Goryeo celadon.

The most important thing is that we need to re-examine the historical value of the Saemangeum area beyond the level of pricing individual relics.

Saemangeum International Airport project, which has been noisy for a while due to exemption from preliminary feasibility study.

How the new variable called Goryeo celadon will affect it is still in the fog.

This is YTN Kim Min-seong.

YTN Kim Min-seong ([email protected])

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