[정치]尹 “A foolish decision to test North Korea’s nuclear test… an unprecedented joint response”

Amid observations that North Korea’s seventh nuclear test was imminent, President Yoon Seok-yeol warned that the nuclear test would be a very foolish decision and would face an unprecedented joint response.

He called for a role, saying that ‘China’ has the ability and responsibility to stop North Korea’s weapons development.

The content of President Yoon’s interview with foreign media was summarized by reporter Cho Eun-ji.

At the Korea-China summit two weeks ago, President Yoon Seok-yeol asked China to play an active and constructive role in North Korea’s nuclear missile provocation.

The Reuters interview went further, stressing that China has the ability and responsibility to stop North Korea’s weapons development.

[윤석열 / 대통령 : 북한 사회에 군사적으로나 경제적으로 상당한 영향을 줄 수 있는 그런 능력이 있다고 저는 생각합니다.]

In a situation where North Korea is escalating the security crisis every day with intercontinental ballistic missiles and ICBM launches, President Yoon also added pressure that if China does not take responsibility as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, it will lead to an inflow of military assets into the region.

Missiles are flying over the Japanese archipelago, and Japan even said that it could not help increasing its defense budget.

[윤석열 / 대통령 : 한반도와 동북아의 긴장 완화와 역내 평화에 결코 도움이 되지 않고 중국의 국익에 배치될 거라고 저는 생각합니다.]

President Yoon also issued a strong warning, saying that the international community has been ineffective over the past 30 years because it has not been able to respond to North Korea’s nuclear development as a single unit.

[윤석열 / 대통령 : 궁극적으로 핵실험을 통해서 북한이 뭘 얻으려고 하는지, 굉장히 어리석은 결정이 될 거라고 저는 생각합니다. 지금까지 취하지 않았던 그런 대응들이 포함된다고 할 수 있겠죠.]

In addition, he reaffirmed the ‘Korean version of the Indo-Pacific Strategy’ in line with the United States, saying that he resolutely opposes any attempt to unilaterally change the current situation in Taiwan.

President Yoon mentioned a video interview with Elon Musk Tesla CEO, and said that the government intends to provide customized cooperation to attract the electric vehicle production base ‘Giga Factory’.

Regarding the cargo solidarity’s refusal of collective transportation, the Korea Strong Labor Union explained that it is a really serious problem and responds based on the rule of law.

This is the fourth exclusive interview with foreign media since President Yoon took office.

The President’s office has ‘temporarily suspended’ the summary conference on the way to work for the reason of ‘unsavory situation’, but for the time being, it is expected that they will take a position on pending state affairs through individual interviews with the media or social media.

This is YTN Cho Eun-ji.

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