[정치]尹 “Salesperson No. 1″… What is the report card for the first visit of the new year?

Rewrite this content■ Progress: Yoon Bori Anchor Anchor■ Appearance: Park Seo-kyung, political reporter* The text below may differ from the actual content of the broadcast, so please check the broadcast for more accurate information. When quoting [YTN YTN24] Please specify. [앵커] President Yoon Seok-yeol returned home today after an eight-day, six-night tour to the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland. President Yoon put all of his schedules in focus on the economy and claimed to be “Korea’s No. 1 salesperson.” Reporter Park Seo-kyung, who accompanies us on the first tour of the new year, examines the report card. Hello?[기자] hello.[앵커] This is President Seok-yeol Yoon’s first visit to the United Arab Emirates this year. And this is the first state visit since President Yoon took office, and this is also the first time a Korean leader has made a state visit to the UAE, right? [기자] That’s right. Since Tong Yun took office, I have only attended the tours that were held on the occasion of multilateral meetings. So, this was my first state visit. The President’s office received the highest courtesy, he explained. When Unit 1 entered the airspace, four fighter jets from the UAE Air Force escorted it. We were also able to confirm that Taegeukgi was hung on every street. At night, the Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace was illuminated with red and blue lights to express the Taegeuk pattern. The official welcome ceremony prior to the summit was also held with great grandeur. Seven fighter jets flew in the sky, emitting blue and red smoke, and I could hear the sound of a salute. Camels, cavalry, and parading were also confirmed. In particular, camels are said to have the meaning of companions crossing the desert together. The president’s office explained that this was the first time that the UAE had a large-scale array of camel soldiers to welcome foreign guests. [앵커] Didn’t President Yoon Seok-yeol receive the first and second priority on social media from the start of his tour? What were the economic outcomes of this trip?[기자] First of all, it can be said that it was a remarkable achievement to attract investment of 30 billion dollars from the UAE side. In terms of Korean currency, it is about 37 trillion won. This is the content that came out during a summit meeting between President Yoon and UAE President Mohammed. President Mohammed said, “I cited the reason for trust in the Republic of Korea, which keeps its promises under any circumstances. A high-ranking government official told reporters that they were surprised by the president’s mention of an amount that far exceeded expectations, even though they did not know the scale in advance. It is said that President Yoon replied calmly and without agitation on the spot, saying, “Thank you, and I will actively support Korea.” I predicted that they would be equally invested in the Korean nuclear power plant and defense industry, etc. However, since the investment timing or specific investment destination was not clearly written, follow-up work for actual investment seems important.[앵커] Now, it must be important to go beyond the investment understanding and make a real investment. Eight ministers alone accompanied him on this visit, and about 100 economic delegations, including businessmen, accompanied him. Was there an all-out economic war? [기자] As you said in this itinerary, eight ministers were accompanied. Including Deputy Prime Minister Choo Kyung-ho for Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Unification, etc., this is a large number compared to precedent. It really was an all out move. About 100 economic delegations also accompanied him. It played the role of private diplomats, and it is an economic delegation composed of the heads of conglomerates and small and medium-sized businessmen. Thanks to their performance, 48 memorandums of understanding were signed in the UAE. The President’s Office gave meaning to the diversification of cooperation beyond traditional cooperation fields such as energy and defense, to the new hydrogen bio smart farm industry. At a dinner with businessmen accompanying him, President Yoon made a joke, saying, “Please let me know immediately if there is any abuse of power by public officials, while making sure of the ‘corporate-centered-market-centered’ economic stance.” Let’s hear it for ourselves.[윤석열 / 대통령 : 공무원들 상대할 때, ‘야, 이건 좀 갑질이다’ 싶은 게 있으면 바로 알려주십시오. 저한테 직접 전화 주셔도 좋고 용산에 알려주시면 즉각 조치하겠습니다.][앵커] President Yoon literally appeared as a salesperson in Korea. Didn’t he visit before Barakawon this time too? He seems to be trying to solidify the revival of the nuclear power plant business. Can you say that the trust in the Republic of Korea that the UAE spoke of is based on this Barakah nuclear power plant? [기자] That’s right. The Barakah Nuclear Power Plant is the first nuclear power plant won by Korea, and also the first nuclear power plant in the Middle East. I visited the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant with Presidents Yoon and Mohammed to check the construction status of unit 3 and unit 4, further solidifying trust between the two countries. President Yoon also mentioned “additional nuclear power plant cooperation and joint advancement to third countries.” President Mohammed also replied, “I am proud that the UAE has strengthened clean power and presented global standards for the nuclear power plant business. They said they were targeting the UK as a third country market to promote. It was explained that discussions had also taken place. On this day, Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong and Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun came to the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant as representatives of Korean companies. The President’s Office did not make an official proposal, but As the two heads of state attended, the public and private sectors left open the possibility of winning additional orders for nuclear power plants in the UAE. The UAE side was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Mansour Abu Dhabi, who is also well-known in Korea as a billionaire. He was spotted sitting side by side with Chairman Lee Jae-yong and having a conversation. It caught my attention.[앵커] I wonder what you would have said, but I must hope that there will be remarkable results in the conversation. I was in the UAE for 3 nights and 4 days and then went to Switzerland. Did the economic move continue in Switzerland as well? [기자]President Yoon had a luncheon with CEOs of foreign conglomerates, including representatives of the six largest domestic companies, as well as high-tech companies such as Intel, IBM, and Qualcomm, and financial companies such as Mubadala. Here, he introduced himself as Korea’s No. 1 salesperson and appealed for investment attraction. If the system does not fit the global standard, please contact us at any time, he said. Let’s also listen to President Yoon’s remarks.[윤석열 / 대통령 : 한국 시장도 열려있고, 제 사무실도 열려 있으니 언제든지 찾아 주시기를 부탁드립니다.][기자] Before the luncheon, I had a 20-minute chat with the CEOs in a standing format. Here, SK Chairman Chey Tae-won said, “There is a person I know here,” and brought Khaldun, the CEO of Mubadala Investment Company and the head of the Abu Dhabi Administrative Office. I had a reunion with President Yoon in two days, and President Yoon responded with a smile. There were also tangible results in the field of investment. Denmark’s Vestas is the world’s number one wind turbine manufacturer. We reported an investment of 300 million dollars in Korea, or 370 billion won. At the Korea Night event to support the 2030 Busan Expo, Korea was promoted and networked. [앵커] Isn’t the mail schedule for this trip to Switzerland actually the Davos Forum and the World Economic Forum? Did President Yoon give a special speech at this forum? [기자] President Yoon emphasized a plan for cooperation in a crisis. The keyword was solidarity, which President Yoon often mentions. Let’s listen.[윤석열 / 대통령 : 우리에게 더 강력한 연대 행동하는 연대를 요구하고 있습니다.][기자] Four specific measures were mentioned. He talked about strengthening supply chain resilience, low-carbon transition, narrowing the health gap, and a new digital order. Above all, he emphasized Korea’s leading role in this process. After the special speech, I had a conversation with Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum. I also criticized the last government’s nuclear power plant policy while talking about the nuclear power plant ecosystem becoming difficult for a while. Relations with China were also mentioned. Japan and the United States have a similar system that shares universal values ​​with us, but China has some differences. [앵커] While there were clear economic achievements from this trip, there were also controversies. This remark by President Yoon that Iran is an enemy became a problem. What is the position of the President’s Office? [기자] As you said, the UAE’s enemy is Iran, and it became a problem by saying this. Let’s listen directly to the statement at issue. [윤석열 / 대통령 : 형제국의 안보는 바로 우리의 안보입니다. UAE의 적은, 가장 위협적인 국가는 이란이고 우리의 적은 북한입니다.][기자] It was a word…