[정치]After Poland, Australia’s ‘successful achievement’ is expected… ‘K-Defense’ aims to rank 5th in the world

Poland, K-2 tanks, etc. ‘K-Defense’ contracts up to 20 trillion won
“Exports such as armored ammunition vehicles and ammunition will increase”
K-Defense expects performance in Australia
Korea’s ‘Redback’ challenge for Australian armored vehicle business

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K-Defense, which recently won an export contract worth tens of trillions of won in Poland, is also aiming to win large-scale orders this time in Australia.

Thanks to these achievements, it is predicted that Korea will be able to enter the top 5 in defense exports in the world.

Reporter Jun-myung Shin.

Last month, Poland signed a basic contract to import three types of Korean weapons: 980 K-2 Black Panther tanks, 648 K-9 self-propelled guns, and 48 FA-50 light attack aircraft.

Exports are estimated at as low as 10 trillion won to as high as 20 trillion won.

This is the largest scale in the history of Korea’s defense exports.

If the K-10 ammunition carrier and ammunition, which are essential for the operation of the K-9 self-propelled artillery, are added to this, the export amount is expected to increase.

[신종우 / 한국국방안보포럼 전문연구위원 : 탄약운반장갑차들이 포함되잖아요. 이런 부가적인 것들을 포함하면 40조 원 규모에 가깝게 수출이 성사됐다고 볼 수 있을 거 같습니다.]

K-Defense’s remarkable achievements are also expected in Australia.

Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop recently visited the Australian K-9 self-propelled artillery factory at the invitation of Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Marls and held a meeting between the South Korean and Australian Defense Ministers.

After the meeting, he explained that Australia trusts South Korea’s weapons system and is willing to expand defense cooperation with Korea.

Australia, which is promoting the Army’s next-generation infantry fighting vehicle project worth up to 20 trillion won, plans to select a preferred bidder at the end of next month with Korea’s Redback and Germany’s Lynx as candidates.

In addition, the export of the FA-50 light attack aircraft to Malaysia and the export of the K-2 tank to Norway are in the final stages of negotiations.

If it succeeds in winning large-scale orders one after another, Korea, which currently ranks 8th with a 2.8% share of the world arms export market, is expected to surpass the UK, Italy and Germany to rise to 5th place.

While the world’s military spending is on the rise due to the Ukraine crisis, attention is focused on whether K-Defense, armed with performance and price competitiveness, will achieve success one after another.

My name is Junmyeong Shin from YTN.

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