[정치]Armed training of eight B-2 bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons…”Warning to North Korea”

The scene of the US B-2 ‘Spirit’ strategic bomber, which can load nuclear weapons, is equipped with maximum armament and even takes off has been released.

The 509th Bomber Wing at Whiteman Air Base, Missouri, USA, which operates the B-2, posted a scene on Facebook of eight B-2As performing a maximum armed simultaneous sortie training called ‘Elephant Walk’.

The squadron said it will perform ‘Elephant Walk’ and launch training to decorate the finale of the annual ‘Spirit Vigilant’ exercise.

‘Elephant Walk’ is a training exercise in which aircraft run on a runway with maximum armament, and the US’s disclosure of the training is interpreted as a warning message to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who is raising the level of provocation.

YTN Cho Soo-hyun ([email protected])

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