[정치]Deterrence of North Korea’s expansion, the effect is ‘well’… “It will not prevent North Korea’s nuclear test”

Military mobilizes 30 F-15Ks to conduct ‘Elephant Walk’
North Korea fires three ballistic missiles the day after ‘Elephant Walk’
Immediate implementation of joint missile response between South Korea and the United States after North Korea provocation

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Before and after North Korea’s missile provocation, the South Korean military faced off by implementing military measures such as Elephant Walk and a joint missile response between South Korea and the United States.

However, the dominant analysis is that such a military response alone cannot prevent North Korea from testing a nuclear weapon that it is said to be ready.

This is reporter Shin Jun-myung.

About 30 F-15K fighters assembled on the runway, fully armed.

This is the so-called ‘Elephant Walk’, one of the measures to deter the North Korean expansion carried out by the Air Force on the 24th.

However, at dawn the next day, North Korea fired three ballistic missiles, including one intercontinental ballistic missile.

The ‘Elephant Walk’, which was preemptively implemented by the Korean military, which caught the signs before the missile launch, had no effect.

In response, the South Korean military launched Hyunmoo-2, an ultra-precision ballistic missile, and the US military launched a tactical guided weapon, the A-TaKims, to immediately follow up.

[문홍식 / 국방부 부대변인 : 한미 간에 공동으로 같이 준비하고 또 한미가 동시에 미사일 실사격을 했다는 점은 평가할 부분이 아닌가 생각합니다.]

In addition, the U.S. has dispatched B-52H bombers, considered one of the three major nuclear forces, to the airspace near Tokyo, Japan.

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It is interpreted as implying the possibility of the deployment of US strategic assets to the Korean Peninsula as mentioned in the ROK-US joint statement.

However, experts analyze that North Korea will follow the scheduled procedure for its nuclear development, regardless of such extended deterrence measures.

[양무진 / 북한대학원 교수 : 북한의 여러가지 도발에 대해서 군사 훈련도 강화하고 전략 무기도 동원하며 대응해 봤지만 북한이 비핵화로 간 사례는 없고 오히려 핵 능력은 더욱 고도화됐고….]

If North Korea carries out its 7th nuclear test, questions may be raised about the effectiveness of the deterrence in advance, and it is highly likely that North Korea, which has closed its borders on its own after Corona, will not care much about sanctions against North Korea, will deepen concerns over the effect of extended deterrence.

My name is Junmyeong Shin from YTN.

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