📷 Ruben van Bommel makes a striking choice where he will play football for the next four years

Ruben van Bommel, the 18-year-old son of Mark van Bommel, has signed a new contract. He does not go abroad, despite the many offers.

Ruben van Bommel has chosen to go for THE Alkmaar to play. He signed a contract for the next four seasons in Alkmaar.

He joined the starting team at the end of October this season MVV in the Kitchen Champion Division, the Dutch second class. He scored fifteen times this season and also handed out five assists.

The interest in the attacker was particularly high. Teams from England and Germany were also interested in Mark van Bommel’s son. He made the transfer on a free transfer.

MVV had also not given him a youth contract at the time, so that AZ could snatch him away without paying a transfer fee, but both teams would have agreed that AZ will pay something as compensation.

His brother Thomas also left earlier MVV. He is moving to our country and will play for Patro Eisden.