😍 Did Spotify show up installed on Windows without asking? He is not the only one with this problem 👍 Noticias RTV

Spotify is on a very large batch of platforms, including Windows, Android, and even iOS. This application is a regular presence for many users and is used on a daily and constant basis.

It is this application that is now behaving abnormally in a situation that no one expected. As reported, in various places Spotify is now being installed automatically and without any control on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Installing the Spotify Windows Streaming app



Spotify appears where not expected

It is not uncommon for apps to appear installed on operating systems, automatically and without control. As a general rule, there are errors that arise and that end up being reflected in this way, which makes users uncomfortable and even suspicious.

It is this scenario that is being reported on Spotify, with this app appearing on Windows 10 and Windows 11 for many users. This was not caused by users, who previously did not have the app present and are probably not users of this streaming service.

Install on Windows from Microsoft Store

Complaints have been piling up on social media and normal channels, developer similar behavior in all cases. What is reported is that from one moment to another, Spotify appeared on Windows 10 or Windows 11 of these users.

Whether this is a problem or a fault with Microsoft, its app store, or Spotify itself is not known for sure. It could also be a situation caused by the company, which thus decided to bring this streaming service to its latest operating systems.

The streaming app can be removed later

The truth is that Spotify can then be removed from Windows, using the normal method that is used in any application that comes from the Microsoft application store. The point here is that no one asked Microsoft to have this application on their system.

This is clearly an abnormal situation and one that all users did not expect. Installing an app automatically and without the control or the will of the users is something that nobody wants, even if it happens with this one that is known and in Windows 10 or Windows 11.