With Microsoft Edge, we constantly strive to provide you with the best productivity and information. For the past year and a half, we’ve brought Office 365 content to your Microsoft Edge so you can work where you left off. Today we are happy to add news and information from your favorite content providers into a new one “Mi feed” Section in the Enterprise New tab.

This customizable feed is designed to keep you up to date and connected to the industry information that is most relevant to your industry or company. Previously, the new tab experience offered messages as a separate toggle. Now you can get the most out of work and news in one view. You’ll see “Mi feed” available at Microsoft Edge Insider preview builds from version 87.0.0.

My feed is now available in the new tab Microsoft Edge Enterprise

When you log into your Azure Active Directory work / school account, opening a new tab in Microsoft Edge provides the familiar work and productivity content of Office 365, as well as new hubs for your industry and interests. The relevant news sources are organized in one view.

The new tab
The pivot “My feed” in the new tab. With “My Feed” you will not only receive your Office 365 content, but also content relevant to your industry and your company.

My feed contains information from news providers relevant to your job and industry. This can be further tailored to your interests. IT administrators can use the Microsoft 365 admin center portal to choose what topics and interests are available to their organization.

A closer look at my feed.A closer look at my feed.
The pivot “My feed” in the new tab. Information cards briefly display both history and vendor so that you can use information from vendors you trust.

To personalize your feed based on your interests, click the Personalize menu item above and select the content that is important to you from the interests provided by your organization.

the "My interests" Look in the "personalization" Menu.the "My interests" Look in the "personalization" Menu.
Customize your feed to see what interests drive you. Select from a selection of available interests on the left to activate your feed.

Select Tile View or Topic View to view the content in My Feed. These controls are available in the upper right corner of the Mi feed Menu.

the My Feed menu on the Enterprise New tabthe My Feed menu on the Enterprise New tab

at Mosaic viewyour feed is displayed in large tiles arranged to facilitate visual consumption of stories.

Mosaic view symbol illustrationMosaic view symbol illustration

at Topic viewYour feed organizes content by provider so that all items from a provider are easily accessible.

Topic view icon viewTopic view icon view

Microsoft 365 compliance

Office experiences and productivity in the new Business tab, including Microsoft Bing Search, Dynamic Tiles, and Office 365 content, are still supported and provide your business data. Read our original blog post here to learn more about Microsoft 365 compliance for our productivity experiences.

Manage your business feeds through the M365 admin center.

As an IT administrator, you control your company’s newsfeed settings, including the industry you choose, and these changes control what appears on the Microsoft Bing home page and on the New tab in Microsoft Edge. You can learn more in our Administration Center Documents. Please note that changes to the Microsoft 365 admin center can take up to 24 hours.

Backward compatibility

For more information on Edge 87 backward compatibility with previous content source design experience, see our Microsoft Edge Enterprise Documentation.

More for the new tab business experience

We look forward to your feedback on these new experiences in the new Microsoft Edge! To share your feedback, simply click on the smiley face in the upper right corner of the browser to let us know what you like or want to improve:

Screenshot with button Screenshot with button

In the meantime, we are working to add support for new and compatible ways for business end users and IT administrators to customize, configure and use the New Companies tab for productivity in their daily workflows.

Thanks for trying the new Microsoft Edge. We wait for your comments; You can contact us through the Microsoft Edge Insider Forum in TechCommunityor more Twitter (@MSEdgeDev)!

– Ruchi Rana, senior program manager
– Matt Betz, Product Marketing Manager

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