007: Daniel Craig’s secret training to be at 54 like at 34

December 23th, Daniel Craig premiere’Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion‘. A new Netflix movie, in which he puts himself in the shoes of the detective Benoit White and where, like when he plays James Bond, his physique is unquestionable. At 54, he is synonymous with that after 50, the body can look like 34 albeit with a disciplined work because there are some factors that change as time goes by, such as the sarcopenia what is the involuntary loss of muscle mass, strength, and function that occurs naturally. Therefore, the agent who is at the service of his majesty, does not hesitate to train to maintain the muscle he has and continue building it, something that with the passage of age costs more”.

Agent 007 takes care of himself beyond his characters and follows a very careful training as we are going to tell you. Simon Waterson he has been her personal trainer on the last four Bond movies, from ‘Casino Royale’ to ‘Spectre’. “James Bond is the world’s fittest person over 50“, Waterson explained when asked about the actor.

muscle mass and testosterone

If you train well, age doesn’t matter“, has specified the coach. It is scientifically proven that the decrease in muscle mass decreases after 30, between 3 and 8 percent each decade. Something that increases when you reach 60. However, training limits it as shown by Craig himself and other anonymous people who have crossed 50. Therefore, training experts recommend something fundamental, staying active and resistance training to reduce muscle loss. According to various scientific studies, resistance training and cardiovascular fitness generally improve the production of testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH). In the same way, nutrition is essential.

To its resistance routine adds a cardio routine as it increases insulin productionwhat promotes muscle repair. Walking, weights, weights, running, swimming, hiking or cycling These are some of the activities that the action actor performs to stay that way, as suggested by Waterson, without forgetting to eat fatty foods in Omega-3, such as supplements rich in it and vitamin D and without sugars. Daniel Craig follows a diet, the sirtfood. As for his strength training, here we compile from Uppers some exercises that make up his routine but that you should always perform supervised by a trainer like Craig does and keeping the breath constant between the part of contraction and extension.

Bars, dumbbells, kettlebells or elastic bands can be your chosen material to do this type of training. There are elastic bands of different types of hardness that you will be able to know through color, according to physical condition.

Craig’s workout

barbell squats

Don’t overload the bar. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight. Keep your core tight. Bend your knees without losing sight of your abs. Drive your glutes back until your quads are parallel to the ground. Press down through your heels as you raise the bar overhead from your chest and you put it behind it, at shoulder height below the neck. Hold for a second, to muscle failure, then lower.


Stand tall with your legs shoulder-width apart. Point your feet out for better balance.. Bend your knees keeping your back completely straight, as if you were going to sit down. She begins to lower using her hips, trying to get her thighs parallel to the ground. The foot and the lower legs must form a right angle. Keep your back straight and look forward. head has to be completely aligned with the back. To ascend, she lifts her shoulders and hips at the same time keeping her back straight. Once you have reached the starting position, repeat the movement again.

biceps curl

Rest: 60 seconds, then repeat

Legs open at the hips. Keep your core strong and your body upright. Grab the bar with both hands, with weights at your sides, and hold it under your hand. Start with your arms outstretched and bend them towards your chest and perform flexion and extension.


For this exercise you need a step or an elevated surface, depending on your level. Take two dumbbells, plates one for each hand or some Russian weights and with them, go up and down the step with your arms outstretched while holding them. The higher and heavier, the more difficult. Ten repetitions with each leg.

Weighted knee raises

This exercise is indicated for the abdominal muscles. Grip the bar firmly with both hands. Keep your core and abdominal muscles strong. Bring your legs up to a ninety degree angle. Hold and gently lower. The slower you lower your legs, the heavier this exercise will be. Make sure your knees are straight at all times. For an increase in strength, you can add weight between the feet.

elbow flexion

The well-known plank is another of the fundamentals in Craig’s training and his pecs. Keep your back straight and your legs extended. Go up quickly and lower your body slowly.

inclined bench press

It can be done with a barbell or dumbbells. Lying on an incline bench, grab the barbell or weights and keep a distance slightly higher than the shoulders. Bring them up until your arms are extended without locking your elbows. The hands should remain more or less above the elbows. Slowly lower the bar or weights back to the starting point.

Pull-ups or the dreaded pull-ups

This is one of the exercises that requires the best physical condition, and that you can start little by little.. With her palms facing behind her, she holds a barbell overhead with a wide grip. She contracts her back and arms, then lifts her chest toward the bar. When the chin has passed the bargo down slowly and start again. You can help yourself by crossing your feet, by keeping your weight off the ground..