04×43 – When the Dead walk the Earth again… they’ll get behind you… AND GIVE YOU GOOD FOR THE CU*#!!!! – The Atrocious Cathedral

Álvaro Gil, the creator and sole author of this program, is a loudmouth, an asshole and an imbecile. But he wants, NEEDS, to get boobs. And the only money that comes in is from patronage. So roll up yourselves, scratch your pocket and send something, jerks, suckers… Let Álvaro at least follow her path and end up being a woman, perfect all of her and full of light. Help him become a divine being…even though he keeps his little dick.

Let’s make the Heinous and the Blasphemous fun.

Warning: Many morons are offended by the opinions spewed by the author on the show. The content is exclusively for adults.

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