1.1 million Teslas have been recalled so that the windows of the cars do not pinch the hands of the passengers

Tesla has recalled 1.1 million of its cars because of a serious flaw that suggests the vehicles’ windows could pinch passengers’ fingers, CNN reports.

By default, the windows should stop when they detect an obstacle in front of them. However, according to Tesla, during testing, they discovered a possible problem with some of their windows. The company also indicated that they have not received any reports from Tesla users about the problem: and not only have they not received any reports, but they have not heard of any “injuries or deaths” related to the windows.

Tesla indicated that a manufacturing defect may have caused the window problem. The company previously recalled vehicles in two other interesting cases: one was because the self-driving function of Teslas in a few models caused the car to roll forward on its own even if it had a stop sign. The other recall occurred when one of Tesla’s built-in features allowed drivers to play bleating goat and fart sounds into the environment outside the car: the manufacturers eventually realized that too loud bleating goats or farts could distract passersby.