1.7 million saw “The School of Magical Animals” in the cinema

So far, the film, which has been distributed by Leonine Studios in German cinemas since October 14, 2021, has been seen by a total of over 1.7 million viewers. In addition, “The School of Magical Animals” (Director: Gregor Schnitzler) announced for Best Children’s Film and Best Visual Effects. Of the German film prize will be awarded on June 24th.

And it goes on: “The School of Magical Animals 2” has already been shot under the direction of Sven Unterwaldt and is scheduled to hit the cinemas on September 29, 2022.

The template is the children’s and youth book series of the same name Margaret Auerwith illustrations by Nina Dulleck. A bestseller: over eight million books in the series, which has been translated into 26 languages, have been sold in Germany alone.

In our current monthly charts for children’s books from April 2022, nine titles from the series are represented: