1-a fake policeman arrested with a gun and a pro card

In Abobo N’Dotré (commune of Abidjan), a false anti-racketeering policeman was arrested with weapons in full service

The National Police puts an end to the course of a fake policeman from the anti-racket cell in the commune of Abobo.

Malicious people pretending to be agents of the National Police are now swarming the streets of Côte d’Ivoire. Once again, one of them has just been arrested by police officers. Indeed, the information is given by the official Police Secours Facebook page this Friday, March 4, 2022.

According to information relayed by Police Secours, Commissioner Cissé Mariam of the 39th arrondissement, leading her daily security patrol in her area, around 3 a.m. with her elements, were informed by an anonymous person of the presence of one of their collaborators hidden in the dark not far from the N’Dotré crossroads.

Immediately, the patrol went to the scene where a suspicious-looking individual pretending to be a police officer was arrested. It is the named SAS Questioned, the latter presented himself as an agent of the anti-racketeering service, brandishing a fake Professional card. A sawed-off barrel and a knife were found in his possession.

Taken to the police station, he had no difficulty in recognizing the facts of forgery and use of forgery, usurpation of title and armed with a sawed off barrel and a knife. Thanks to these daily security patrols, led by Commissioner Cissé Mariam, the populations of the area of ​​the 39th arrondissement live in peace.

SAS will answer for its actions before the competent courts.

Like this man arrested, there are many of them in the streets of Côte d’Ivoire, causing harm to the poor citizens they meet. So let’s hope that the National Police manages to…read more here