1. FC Cologne | Baumgart blurts out: Kilian stays, 96 talent comes

After a sensational debut season with 1. FC Köln, Steffen Baumgart is looking forward to the coming season with great anticipation. The Effzeh coach has now given insights into personnel planning.

Steffen Baumgart has made no secret of the fact that he wants to sign central defender Luca Kilian on loan from Mainz 05. Kilian, who once came to the Rheinhessen from the BVB youth team via Paderborn, is one of the absolute regular players in Cologne under the head coach.

The wait for the transfer seems to be coming to an end soon, as Baumgart revealed in a talk show with “Express”: The 50-year-old is strongly anticipating a deal soon, “because I’ve been insisting on it for half a year. I want the boy definitely and don’t think it would be good if he had to go back there after his goal celebration in the game against Mainz”. The two million euros that exist as a transfer fee “are there,” said Baumgart.

At the same time, Baumgart has already confirmed a new signing: Linton Maina will switch from Hannover 96 to the Rhine. It is not known how long the attacker’s working paper is dated. Official confirmation from the clubs is still pending.

“Linton is a player capable of development and that’s what it’s about,” Baumgart classified the transfer: “We mustn’t put pressure on it right away. He’s had a year or two in which he’s struggled because he was hyped in Hanover and then went through a low.” Baumgart is sure that he can “integrate” Maina well into the offensive.

1. FC Köln can assume that Modeste will stay

At the same time, the successful Cologne coach made it clear: “If someone expects us to buy stars – they are our stars: young, hungry players who don’t earn quite as much as they did at the end of their careers.”

In addition, Baumgart is facing another important decision with the Cologne squad planner. According to the coach, top scorer Anthony Modeste may remain. “We assume Tony will stay.”

In view of his contract, which is valid until 2023, and his strong tally of 19 Bundesliga goals this season, interest in the Frenchman has grown recently.